A walk with Jack

On Thursday mum and I went over to Turners Puddle for a walk. We went up the gravel track past the horses and decided to investigate the woods to see how the men were getting on chopping down trees.

See the deer run...

At the top of the hill we saw a big family of deer all run across the track and then over the fence and down through the field. We weren’t the only ones watching the deer..

The cows were watching too

We walked on down to the woods but we couldn’t see any work going on so we’re going to have to walk up through the woods to find out where they’re working.

The muddy paths

We decided to give up on the woods and walked back up past Black Hill Dairy, where we stopped for me to pose on a log.

I'm the king of the castle

Mummy’s phone rang and for some reason we started walking back down the gravel track the way we’d come up. We walked all the way back to the car and were sitting by the ford when a car came down the lane. It was Jack and his mum!!

Sharing sniffs with Jack!

Jack’s a bit more lively than me, always on the move sniffing & following scents. Maybe it’s because I know the area better and I only investigate the new scents.

He's not having my stick!

After our walk we went back down to the fords and had some fun in the water but I stopped to say hello to the mini-horse.

Weird.. he's like a pocket sized pony!

The water was lovely and refreshing.

We had a great time doing zoomies

We ran round and played chase

I'm right behind you!!!

All too soon it was time for us to go home. I hopped into my crate and Jack was in the back of his mum’s car too. Then I hopped out again so Jack did the same, then he came to see me in my crate

Bye bye Jack

Oh my goodness, I hope my beau Mr Kipling doesn’t see that photo.. honestly we just had a quick kiss goodbye, I promise!


That's not me in my crate!

I think Jack wanted to come home with me.. he hopped in my crate and looked quite at home! In fact he liked it so much that his mum said she was going to buy him one just like mine to put in the back of her car!


Definitely not me

I hope we can have another walk together really soon.


~ by Teagan on March 20, 2011.

5 Responses to “A walk with Jack”

  1. Thanks for another nice walk. Looks like you had lots of fun with Jack. I think he wanted to go home with you.
    Always enjoy your blog and the pictures.

  2. We had a lovely Spring walk with Teagan and her Mum. We liked the ponies who were very pretty and friendly.

    My goodness, the sun was shining, it was nice and warm, Jack loved splashing around with Teagan in the ford.

    He jumped into Teagan’s car crate, she was so kind to let him try it – he loved it- Now he has one of his own- He will be much safer in our car now.

    Thank you for a lovely afternoon.

    Love from Jack and True_Belle x

  3. Teags,
    I don’t know about ‘king of the castle’… but you’re definitely top of the pile!
    That Mr K better look out!!! MOL.
    Wallas & Isa

  4. You looked like you had fun wiv Jack. Its nice to haz friends to go on your walks wiv. I like wlakin wiv my pals more than doin it on my own….altho I am always at the back of the pack

  5. Wonderful pix! You got to see a lotta nice aminals on your walk, that’s so cool. I really like the part where you & Jack are in the water – ADORABLE!

    Miss you

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