Snowdonia : Part 1 – The Journey

It’s a long way to Snowdonia – it took us about six hours which is longer than I’ve ever been in the car before. We went in daddy’s big car and I had my crate on the back seat so I would be nice and safe for the trip. We stopped for lunch and then a bit later we also stopped at a nice place so I could have a walk and stretch my legs.

Wye Valley Walk

That’s clickable and will grow bigger if you want to click on it to read the words. We didn’t have time for a big walk but we did walk down to the water so I could have a little paddle.

The River Wye

And looking the other way it was like this.

Going for a quick paddle

But we were on a mission… to get to our destination!! So we had to leave the pretty river and get back in the car… and off we went.

Welsh Mountains!!

We started to see more and more big hills, or were they mountains? When does a hill become a mountain? We decided that we would walk up one and find out for ourselves. We were getting closer and closer to Cadair View Lodge in Snowdonia which is where we would be staying for the next four nights and I was going to meet my twitter friend Whiskey aka @Snowdoniadog! We had to wait at traffic lights for a while… seemed like forever to me

"Go Green, Go Green, Go Green"

but it wasn’t much longer before we arrived!! It was a bit after five o’clock and we found our parking space really easily because we got good instructions from Whiskey’s Aunty Sue. We’d only been there about 30 seconds and we had a welcoming party – Whiskey, her dad, @rachthemusician and Ollie!! It was like we’d known each other for ages.

Me and Whiskey

She showed me around the carpark and we had a good run around.. it was great to be out of the car.

Playing chase with Whiskey

After we’d finished saying hello we went off to our cabin to get unpacked and settled in. We were in Cabin 62.

Cadair View - No 62

They all looked the same but were also a bit different. These are some pictures of our cabin after we’d unpacked and made the bed and sat down for a rest.

Resting on the deck

Daddy put the table and chair in the gap so I couldn’t run off and chase things.. not that I would do that, but doggies aren’t allowed to be off their lead on the site.

Mummy & Daddy's bedroom

And the best bit was the kitchen because that’s where the cooker was for cooking the bacon!!!

Me in my dining area

And this is the bacon preparation area

Chef at work

Daddy relaxing on the sofa watching the television. Mummy packed throws to put on the chairs just in case I jumped on them but I was very good and stayed on the floor apart from once or twice when I got over excited and forgot myself.

The comfy chair room

There was also a little dinky bedroom with bunk beds in it and a little bathroom with a shower in it, but they’re not very exciting so we won’t show you those. There was a breakfast table & chairs in the little covered in veranda area, that was a good morning spot, where the bacon eating took place! Most important of all was my bed… which we brought with us for me to sleep in.

Time for bed Zzzzzzzzz

Well, that is the beginning of our holiday and the first proper holiday day was Saturday, but I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow!


~ by Teagan on March 31, 2011.

8 Responses to “Snowdonia : Part 1 – The Journey”

  1. Oh wow woof Teagan, you have had a lovely time in a real log cabin.
    Whiskey will be missing you now. Was the weather cold, did you need your coat?
    I bet you were pleased to rest your legs after climbing those mountains. Did you see any other working cockers :0)

    Can’t wait for the next bit of the story – woof

    love from True_Belle and Jack spaniel x

    • I didn’t see any other working cockers, I wish Jack could have come with me! We had a great time and it was lovely and warm every single day so I was glad there was plenty of water around.

  2. Holy dog, Teags! That is a super cabin!! I’ve never stayed in a cabin before…I bet it’s fun. And you must be doing lots of roaming around, being that you are one super-duper explorer. I cant wait to hear more about this adventure!

  3. Welcome to Wales Teagan! If you’re ever near Cardigan give me a woof. I love the log cabin, it looks much nicer than our tent which I have to stay in when we go away.

    • We’ll be coming back to Wales one day I’m sure as we didn’t climb all the mountains even though it felt like we did. If we’re near Cardigan (is that where they make cardigans & jumpers?) I’ll certainly give you a woof. I’ve not tried a tent but tents sound like fun too.

  4. WoWie! You lucky girl! Looks to be a great trip! My favorite part is the “bacon preparation area” ! Talk about 5 stars! Looking forward to seeing more – be safe!

  5. That looks like a lovely place to stay. It’s nice you had Whisky to play with too!

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