A Saturday in Snowdonia

Saturday morning started off in the best possible way… with bacon!! We’d all had a great night’s sleep in our cabin and I was excited because we were going to Coed y Brenin to meet up with Whiskey and her humans for a walk. It was a gorgeous day and I couldn’t wait to get to the woods.

Me & Dad in front of our cabin

We had a little walk on the way so I could do what a dog does first thing in the morning.. I’m good like that, makes it easier for mum and dad to bag it and bin it!

Isn't this a great spot for it?

Afterwards we all got in the car and drove off to Coed y Brenin to meet up with Whiskey in the car park – she was having a photo session with her dad and had Rachel and Ollie with huge cameras to take photographs!! Whiskey and I had a run around and then we went off on a walk… with Rachel and Ollie clicking away taking some great pictures.

Whiskey and me..

Mum took that photo but you can see lots more great photos that Rachel and Ollie took on Whiskey’s facebook page Whiskey does great ball catching and there are some great pictures of her!

What a lovely view

Unfortunately we couldn’t spend the whole day with Whiskey but we did have a fabulous walk and she showed me all her favourite places to sniff and have a paddle!

Isn't this a fab place for a walk?

We got back to the car at noon so I said my goodbyes to Whiskey and after a quick cup of coffee we were back in the car and off to the seaside! Whiskey had told me about their great beaches so we were off to find one! The one we stopped at was by the Morfa Dyffryn Nature Reserve.

Walking through the sand dunes to the beach

This was all very exciting, I even found a funny thing mum said was a starfish. I tried to eat it but daddy took it away and hid it… then when we got near the beach we stopped for me to play a bit of hoopy so I forgot all about my starfish.

The beach was absolutely huge and there were hardly any people on it for miles and miles!

Some sea had got stuck on the beach

Even though it was an empty beach I did meet some nice doggies to have a run around with.

Not everyone runs as much as me

Doing zoomies on the sand is really fun. Running on wet sand is a lot easier than running up and down the dunes chasing a hoopy!

I was having so much fun that I didn’t want to leave.

Here's the hoopy daddy 🙂

But we wanted to make the most of our day so after a quick stop of in a pub for a drink

Refreshed and ready to go again

We were back off to visit a place called Cwm Bychan to do a geocache called “The Mysterious Roman Steps”.  From its description it sounded like it was going to be a great walk to find the cache.

“This cache is located at the doorstep of the desolate, boulder strewn Rhinogs. A formless mass of stunning heather, moor and rock reaching 2500 ft above sea level, regarded as one of the last true wildernesses in Britain. It’s located along the mountain path known as ‘The Roman Steps’. Despite its name, the mysterious stone staircase is not thought to be Roman in origin at all but a medieval track way used by packhorse traders of the time.
From the main coastal road (A496) in Llanbedr, take the mountain road at the corner of the Victoria pub (roughly SH 585268 / N52.49.205 W004.06.079) sign-posted for Cwm Bychan, your destination. The mountain road follows the course of the river Artro up to the remote mountain lake of Cwm Bychan, marked as a parking/camping site on most maps with decent detail. Parking is available at the campsite (N52.51.816 W004.00.777) for a small fee (£2.00 per car+£1 per person). Use the unattended honesty box to make payment. Free parking is available about a mile back from the campsite along the road.
The mountain road is narrow and becomes single width in a number of places on route to Cwm Bychan and there are a few gates on route. Be especially careful not to put a wheel wrong when driving along the side of the lake!
Llyn Cwm Bychan is magical but just the beginning of your search for the Mysterious ‘Roman Steps’ cache!”

Well, mum took lots of photos of the journey to Cwm Bychan and of course lots more on the walk and there are far too many to put in here, so here is a little slideshow so you can see them all together – just click on the little arrow to set it off.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

And that was the end of our first whole day in Snowdonia… we were all ready for our beds and a nice long sleep before our first Sunday in Snowdonia!

~ by Teagan on April 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “A Saturday in Snowdonia”

  1. We loved your Welsh adventure Teagan, you were so lucky with the weather. Your hoopie came in very handy in the sand dunes.

    Mummy has done a good job with all those wonderful pics, especially that pretty one of you!

    We love the gizmos of your slide shows and all the info , very clever.

    Love from True_Belle and Jack spaniel x

  2. Wow, wot a great beech you did find. I gonna ave to tell the famlee about this one. It look pawsome

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