Good Friday Walk

Today we did a big walk! Daddy said it was going to be about 8 miles long but it turned out to be a little longer than that and lots of it was up hills! Some of it was the same walk that we did 14 months ago on the 22nd February 2010! Today it was lovely and sunny and about 22 degrees centigrade, which was a bit different to last time when it snowed! We parked the car opposite the Hambro Arms and set off up the hill until we got to the footpath.

Up the footpath to Haydon Plantation

We followed this footpath for quite a long way until we got to this pathway which looked a bit familiar… Milton Park Wood

I think we walk up here

It wasn’t long before I figured out that this path was one that mum and I had been down a while ago when we’d been walking in the woods a lot because the weather was really windy and horrid.

This looked very familiar

Before long we were on the pathway in the woods that we walk quite often but we took a new track… where was it going to lead us?

Phew.. we walked up from the woods

Nice view though. I was getting a bit hot and thirsty by now.. but what’s that I see ahead? Yay, a water trough. I hope it’s full!

I love these mini paddling pools!

After I’d cooled down we set back off on our walk, we had a long way to go.

Nice empty green fields

When we got to the top we could see Winterborne Houghton in the valley below us.

What a nice view

We walked all the way down the path to the road that leads up to the stables and we finally met the woofing doggy that is usually behind the garden gates! He’s a little bit smaller than he sounds!

Little dog with a big woof!

When we came this way a couple of years ago there was a pretty awful looking house that had a planning notice up for building a new house.. and this is the house that they have built.

Woof! It's a big country pile made of stone!

It didn’t look like anyone was there but we didn’t like to walk in to go and look at the other side of the house. It’s going to be quite nice when it’s all finished… especially the garden, it had lots of pheasants in it but mum said I couldn’t chase them, so we walked on up the track and found that there are new residents in the fields. They were quite friendly..

Wild Ponies

and interested in us so we decided not to stop for a drink and some noms until we got to the wood at the top of the hill.

Time for a drink

And then we were off up through the bluebell wood.

Up the hill we went

When we got to the top of the hill we walked over to a good spot and stopped to have a look at the view.

I could see for miles and miles

It was about now that the walk sort of turned into the walk we’d done in February last year when we got caught in the little snow storm… we’d sheltered in this lovely little shelter that was built in memory of Mark Batchelor ‘Wizz’, do you remember?

It was all a lot greener this time!

And the fields were full of sheep and their baby lambs!

No 67 and her two lambs

It seemed like we walked miles through fields full of sheep because I had to be on my lead, but I don’t suppose it was very far really. Soon we were back on the footpaths that would eventually lead us back down to Milton Abbas.

On our way to the nature reserve

And then before we knew it we were in the woods that would take us to the road by Milton Abbey School. It almost looked like it had been snowing, it was white with Wild Garlic flowers!

Delcombe Woods

The wild garlic was everywhere.

Miles of flowers!

When we got to the end of the woods we walked along a footbath alongside the school grounds that lead us back to Milton Abbas… and it wasn’t long before the pub was in sight.

Milton Abbas


~ by Teagan on April 22, 2011.

5 Responses to “Good Friday Walk”

  1. Hi! I love your pictures…those rolling green hills and fields are gorgeous, where is this? Makes me want to plan a vacation…Oh, and your dog is a cutie too! haha Whata trooper going for that long walk!

    • Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. I’m very lucky and live in the south of England, in Dorset. We have lots of lovely places to go for walks in woods and across fields, and the beach is only half an hour away too.. I’m a lucky pup 🙂

  2. Teagan, Happy Easter Sunday to you.
    That looked like a gorgeous walk. Jack would have enjoyed it, but I would have puffed a bit.

    I expect the smell of wild garlic, (the white flowers ) was heavenly, we don’t have too much of that in my area.

    We always look forward to your lovely North Dorsety walkie pictures.

    Love from Jack and True_Belle x

  3. Gosh, that looks like a lovely walk Teagan. You sure are lucky to live in such a pretty part of da werld

  4. Wow – what a fab walk & a lovely day for it too. Lots to sniff there – you are a lucky girl!

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