Fire on Black Hill?

This afternoon we went over to Turners Puddle for our usual walk… but as we drove up the hill we saw a fire truck go whizzing on down towards Bere Regis. A small fire truck had just turned into the Turners Puddle turning.. very odd. When we got to Turners Puddle we saw a whole bunch of red fire trucks all busy doing something.

Mum parked the car opposite the footpath because we couldn’t get to our usual spot.. the fire engine was doing lots of manoeuvring and eventually managed to get round the corner and into the stable yard to go up the farm track. We set off up the footpath as usual and went around the reservoir but when we got to the top of the hill it was there again!

The path isn’t very wide so we decided to turn around and walk back along by the camp site to get to the stream at Bere Regis.

Soon we were back in the yellow field and on our way down to the stream.

And then we were at the stream.

My swimming was cut short because of a silly little girl on a silly pink bicycle. She rode it down the footpath and watched me. So mum had to put me on my lead as soon as I got out of the water because the silly girl was talking to me and of course I’d want to jump up and talk to her…  So we walked on back up the field and up over the heath until we got to the top of the hill… and what did we see?

We thought that maybe they’d finished putting the fire out and had all gone home again

Look.. the funny wooden crosses are tied to the gate again.  And who’s this coming?

We don’t know their names but we’ve seen them before.. he’s a busy labrador and doesn’t stop to talk so we walk on and see Dennis the Fire Engine!

We say hello to the fireman as we walk by.

The rest of our walk was pretty uneventful. We went all the way down through the woods without seeing anyone and then went round the little Throop circle so I could have another swim. Mr Moustachio came galloping across the field and skidded to a stop at the gate!

I had a quick swim in the river

The water is getting quite low now so I have to go up to the deep bit to be able to do a proper swim.

And all too soon it was time to go back to the car… but when we got to the ford guess who we bumped into again… yes, that’s right, it was the firemen and their fire engine!!

So in the time it takes us to do a six mile walk, the firemen can put out a fire! Tomorrow we’ll have to have a look to see if we can see where the fire was. We couldn’t see anything at all today, we could just smell a little bit of smoke.


~ by Teagan on April 27, 2011.

5 Responses to “Fire on Black Hill?”

  1. You had a busy walk today. Hope the fire wasn’t anything too much. Very pretty horse, what kind?
    Thanks for letting us share a little bit of your day.

  2. Oh dear Teagan, how alarming , I hope there wasn’t too much damage and smoke.

    Was the ford sucked dry of water by Mr Dennis the fire engine?

    What were the wooden crosses all about?

    You always have such interesting walks 🙂

    See you soon

    Love from Jack Spaniel and True_Belle x

  3. Love the bloggy as always! You are such a gorgeous girl and Jazzy wants to join you swimming!!! Splash!!! LUL XXXX

  4. What a dramatic walk! I hope nobody got hurt in the fire.

    I think Mr Moustachio looks like a very fine horse!

  5. What gorgeous countryside! I hope there wasn’t much damage & the fire dudes were ok.. Do you walk 6 miles everyday? Lovely pix, thank you.

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