Fire on Black Hill : Part 2

This morning it was surprisingly nippy out but we had a lovely walk up to Coll Wood and saw our first Orchids this year.

It's just to the left of my bottom...

And don’t believe her if she tells you that I sat on it, I just got a bit too close, that’s all. It’s fine. Honestly.

And another one

Is it me or are the photographs getting bigger? I’m sure they weren’t this big before.. they just seem to be quite ginormous! Do let me know, I think perhaps I should be choosing medium instead of the usual large.

Anyway, this afternoon we went back to Turners Puddle so I could have a swim.. as we drove up we saw two firepersons down near the camp site (one was a lady fireman so I suppose we can’t call them firemen) and we had to wait for a fire engine to leave when we went to park the car, so they’d been back again today. We walked up Kite Hill and through the woods, then down to Bere Regis and back up the big hill.. then we got to the spot where the fire engine had been yesterday.

There was a strange smell...

The ground was still wet and it didn’t smell quite right.

It was all black

The ground was very black and some of the trees looked like charcoal.

It's black like me

Luckily it didn’t look like there was a huge amount of damage but it was still a big burnt patch.

Hope they catch who did it.

We bumped into Archie and his dad, from the camp site, and they told us that someone reported it straight away yesterday and the helicopter flew over and was looking for some kids that had been seen earlier on, so hopefully they will find them.

Casualty : oak tree

Today the fire engines came up the track by the camp site instead of going through the yard at the stable and then up the long way round along the footpaths. They’re very big though so the pathways are going to be made a bit wider so they can get through easier and some trees will have to go.

Woof! Look at this big space!!

Surely a fire engine can get through that huge gap… I hope they put some gravel down on the bits that get muddy in the winter! Well, they wouldn’t want to get stuck. Then again I don’t suppose there are many fires when it’s been raining and the ground is really muddy. Probably won’t be any gravel will there?  😦

More bluebells

Well, after all that black burnt stuff I think we need cheering up with a whole lot of bluebells.

Blue blue blue


~ by Teagan on April 28, 2011.

5 Responses to “Fire on Black Hill : Part 2”

  1. Thank you again for another nice walk. The bluebells are so pretty and so was the orchid.
    Always enjoy you letting us come along.

  2. Fires are frightening, peat burns forever. Don’t rootle around too much , you may singe your nose.

    What a retty orchid, but the bluebells are the nicest smelliest treat ever.

    Happy Birthday to you Teagan, 3yrs old today

    love from Jack spaniel and True_Belle x

  3. Oh Teags, you look lovely surrounded by all those bluebells. What great pictures, as always!

  4. Picture purrfect – you could star in your own calendars & be a pin-up girl! Sorry about the fire damage & those misguided youths. Hope it wasn’t the silly girl on the pink bike.

  5. Love the picture of you in the Bluebells. Glad not much of the land burnt during the fire.

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