Nice farmers cut footpaths

There’s a pony living in the field opposite us and whoever owns it doesn’t come to visit very often. She’s very sweet and comes over to see us as soon as she hears the kissing gate rattle.

There isn’t a lot of nice stuff left in the field for her to eat so we take her carrots and an apple.

She really does like carrots and can’t wait for us to put them down for her.

After we’ve fed her we usually go for our walk and today we decided to walk up the field because the farmer with a big lawnmower on the back of his tractor had just cut the footpath! It was about time too because it had been getting very overgrown and mum was fed up with trying to squish the plants down.

This is before

This is after!

Great improvement, now we don’t get wet walking through the tall plants in the morning. Anyway, we decided to make the most of the freshly cut paths and walk on all of them! We couldn’t see any bullocks anywhere in the field so we walked across the footpath as we thought Farmer Lawrence had moved them back to a field near his farm. Then we walked up across the next field.

There's the lawnmower tractor!

We don’t usually walk up this footpath because it doesn’t really go anywhere except up to the main road but as he’d taken the trouble to cut it we thought it was only polite to walk up it.

When you walk up to the end this is where you get to..

See the main road up where that house is

When we get to the end we turn round and walk back the way we came until we get to where we saw the lawnmower tractor.. but as we walked down we looked down to the fields where the bullocks hadn’t been and what did we see? They were all hiding along the hedgerow down by the lane.

The bullocks are in the field!!!!

So they were in the field when we walked through it!! Only last week we’d watched them chasing a lady and a man who walked through with their dog.. the lady had walked through first with her dog and if she’d walked past us we’d have told her not to walk through, but she turned round and walked back with the man who appeared from somewhere. It was quite funny to watch really, she went first while he was busy shooing them away. They’re just very friendly… but they’re quite big and galumphing like you can see in this video we took last week.

We shall have a better look next time we think they’re not in the field! Anyway, we had another field to cross and the tractor had just left the field, so it was really freshly cut!

Freshly mowed, it smells lovely!

At the top of this field we have to go through a big gate and then walk down the big road for a little way, until we go past Margaret Green’s Animal Rescue

Margaret Green Animal Rescue

and then we turn right and walk up the lane past the hunt kennels where all the hounds live. Now, can you spot what’s wrong with this big sign??

Terrier & Lurcher Race Night

It just says “All Terriers and Lurchers welcome”.  No mention about other dogs, so maybe we’re not allowed to go. Doesn’t seem very fair does it, I think it might be fun to go and watch the racing, they do it every year and we’ve never been.

The lane takes us up to the top of Bagwood Lane and then we just walk all the way down to the village which takes us past ‘the boys’ who always want to say hello.

Handsome Welsh Boys

And that was our walk today. When we got home we had to wait for my tripe delivery from Barfpetfoods… which arrived spot on time!

11kg of Green Tripe and Beef Mix from BarfPetFoods

And they also gave me a sample pack of their nommy chews… so I had to have one of those straight away! So now the my drawer in the freezer is full and I have enough food to last me for weeks and weeks.

The only other bit of excitement today was when I went out and did my woogling practice on the lawn and mum wasn’t happy when I came indoors covered in bits that dropped off on the carpet.

Ooops, sorry mum!

I’m not really a naughty pup – this next little video is of me at Aunty Helen and Uncle Neal’s house checking on the chickens and me talking to Fiddick. You can see how well behaved I am.

Fiddick isn’t scared of me, even when I meet him in our garden, he doesn’t run away and doesn’t even mind when I lick his ears and wash his face! Anyway, it was a very tiring day so I think I’m going to sleep well tonight.


~ by Teagan on May 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “Nice farmers cut footpaths”

  1. Darling Teagan

    As always, your blog is a joy to read. Mum and dat Trea spent some time dis morning playing all your videos! We are worried about da horsey being left without proper food? We loved da norty bullocks!! And we loved you doing guardings at Daddy’s office! And dems loved you doing swimmings and splashings in da stinky pond!

    Love ya heaps and lots!

    Jazzy and dems XXXXXXXX

  2. Always enjoy coming along on your walks. Enjoyed seeing the pony. So glad that you and your mom take him some goodies.
    Wish his people took better care of him.
    It is so pretty where you live and always makes my day to read your blogs and see the pictures and videos.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. You had a very exciting walk my chum. We see cows on the Heath near us and one time they chased us an almost knock the typist down, but basically they are friendly. I like to see em and Lola likes sniffing em

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