A day at the farm!

Today we took granny with us on a trip to Somerset to visit mum’s friend. On the way we dropped off granny with mum’s friend’s mummy, they’re going to do wrinkly things for a few days.

When we got to Aunty Sal’s house I said hello to Truman, he’s very big and hasn’t been well lately so mum said I had to be on my best behaviour.


We went out for a walk to check on the sheep and the cows.

Yep... sheep, all present & correct

And even though it’s a bit foggy out, I reckon those two big lumps in the field could be cows.

Only 2 cows left now since Elizabeth, age 30, went to cow heaven last week.

That’s Elizabeth’s daughter lying down. Anyway, after we’d checked on the sheep and the cows we went for a walk around to see their new barn.. it’s huge and very very lovely.

It's so huge it makes me look even smaller!

Inside it’s got stuff in it and a nice old tractor.

That's a lucky tractor to have such a nice garage!

Afterwards we went in the house and I had some tripe while mummy and Aunty Sal had a cup of coffee. Truman and I did some talking while mummy and Aunty Sal were opening their Christmas presents (yes, they know it’s June but they haven’t got round to it until now).

Hmmm Truman's got a bigger nose than mine

Then Aunty Sal’s friend came to call and I was introduced to her 5 month old pup, he’s an Italian Spinone… that’s spin-oh-nay not a spin-one BOL that would just be silly.

A very handsome young chap

Then there was a phone call from the sheep shearer who wanted to come and shear the sheep. So I had to go and sit in the car for a while while mummy and Aunty Sal got the sheep into the barn.

Sheeps being rounded up into the barn

They were all very good and didn’t have a clue what was going on.. so they trotted on in. Silly sheep.


One of the chickens decided to come and watch them.

Eating the sheep treats

Well, it wasn’t long before the sheep shearer arrived and got down to business. If you’ve never seen one at work, here is a little video of him shearing one of the first batch of sheep, he’s very quick so it won’t take too long to watch.

Clever isn’t he! And here is one of his first customers all finished, doesn’t she look smart?

All done!

The first batch of three are oldies so they get let out back into their bit of the field first.

They have a shed to go in if they feel the cold

And then it was the turn of the others.. there are only about 14 in total, so not a lot for him to do.

What a whopper!!

They are all quite big sheep but some are a bit bigger than others!

And three minutes later... a bald sheep!

And a HUGE pile of fleece! The fleece gets bagged up and then gets collected by some local spinners who wash it and make it into wool to use on their spinning wheels.

Don't you feel sorry for them?

Look at that cute little face… oh well, when the sun comes out they’re going to be glad they’ve had their fleece off and before you know it they’ll have grown a nice curly coat again.

So, that was our day at the farm.. and all too soon it was time for us to come home again, and then time for catching up on some sleep!


I always get really tired when we go out for the day because I don’t get to have my usual naps, so I’m extra glad to snuggle down on my EcoDrop bed!

Goodnight, tripe dreams.


~ by Teagan on June 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “A day at the farm!”

  1. What a busy day you had. I do like sheeps, they make funny noises. Baaaaaaaa.

  2. What a fabulous day. Lucky u to meet a spinone, they look such interestin doggies. Poor sheep though! That’s a tuff way to get a aircut

  3. Well, that was a lovely set of photos, and I am glad you had a really exciting day.

    Why aren’t sheep ticklish when they are being (shorn?)- was the shearer an Australian I wonder, many come over here to shear the sheep.

    Has everyone seen your lovely summer haircut ,Teagan, we thought you looked very pretty the other day, I bet that tickled a bit!.
    Spinones look like hairy German pointers, but very lollopy. You do meet some exciting friends.

    Love from Jack and True_Belle x

  4. wow, so busy! great video, it always looks so dangerous shearing sheep but I guess he has a lot of practice! 🙂

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