Paws in the Park – 2011

Today was the day for our third Paws in the Park sponsored walk for Weldmar Hospicecare Trust at Lulworth Castle! The forecast was for a hot, sunny day so we made sure we were up early and arrived there just after 9 o’clock. I was very excited because we were meeting my friend Barney and his mum Julia again. Unfortunately his dad couldn’t make it this year so I said I’d share mine for the walk!

There's Barney and another spaniel just arrived

We walked up to the Castle to the registration area and got all excited because we thought we were going to see a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding like the ones that were on television! There were lots of posh cars parked on the grass.

One of the wedding cars

Barney and I introduced ourselves to some of the other dogs.. and met the infamous Bonnie who always manages to raise more money than any of us.

Barney giving Bonnie a kiss

As it was forecast to be a very hot day we were itching to get going, so we decided to set off early.

Off we go!! Lots of sniffs to check out

It was a bit damp under paw and quite warm, but not too warm. We were walking with Bonnie and her friend Merryn (?) the black labrador.

Bonnie the Border Terrier

Dad and I did a bit of running up to the top of the hill.

Bonnie racing after me and dad

We slowed down a bit when we got up to the top and into the field because there were new sniffs to check out and of course we had to leave some peemail for all the doggies who would be walking along behind us.

Mmmm what's that over there...

We had to walk all the way across the field until we got to those trees over there and then we were on a path going through the woods.

We'd better watch out for the bears

We remembered this from last year and it wasn’t long before we were all jumping into some water at the side of the track!!

Barney and I went for a dip

We were all soaked to the skin so had to do a bit of vigorous shaking and then some bonkers zoomies.

Zooommmming is the best way to dry off!!

Well, except for Bonnie who was quite sensible really, I think her mum likes her to be sensible. But a little further on along the path we were all running like mad and guess what we found!!

Boy that really was good fun!! But we had to be good and get back to our walk.

Under the fence we go..

It was starting to get a bit warm now so we made sure we stopped and had a drink.

We're over half way now

Here’s another little video of all of us walking.. well, not all together of course, because we’re dogs and we don’t do that sort of thing.

We’d sort of acquired a little boy along the way, he was walking with us but we didn’t know if he’d told his mum he was coming. He wasn’t very big so we sort of figured we had better look after him a bit and not just leave him behind. He was a bit like my next door neighbour Tom.

My new friend "James" who was a bit weary

Dad gave him an orange and a bottle of water to keep him going. Mum had been up ahead with the others but she came back because I was getting worn out running between them. It wasn’t far to go and we would soon be back at the Castle.


When we see the baby cows we know we’re almost back… we stopped for a drink at the water trough. Well, a drink is okay but a dip is even better.

Green water is good for the fur

And then it was the last little hill back up to the Castle. Oh, just in case you’re wondering what we did with the little boy,  I forgot to say that we’d left James to get a lift back in a car that we saw when we crossed the road. I think they were putting stewards around the walk to make sure no one took short cuts this year, it wasn’t just any car!! He was pretty tired and wasn’t keeping up very well so when he was offered a lift he said yes.

More mad zoomies

When we got back to the Castle we met up with Barney again and had a go on the lucky dip and chose which goodie bag I wanted. We were all really looking forward to going to the cafe for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake until we were told that it had closed! No tea, no cake, no loo, no nothing. And a £3 charge to park the car for people that weren’t doing the sponsored walk. Not happy. It was a jolly good job that we hadn’t taken granny with us thinking that she could wander around the castle and then wait for us in the cafe.  So, we said goodbye to Barney and his mum in the car park.

Bye bye Barney

Then we drove off down to the Castle Inn and had a drink there and a spot of tripe for lunch.

Me and Barney in the pub

The end of another great walk. Hope it’s not too long before I get to see Barney again. If you missed sponsoring me, my page is open for a while yet and you can get to it by clicking on THIS LINK HERE!!!


~ by Teagan on June 26, 2011.

5 Responses to “Paws in the Park – 2011”

  1. A great big “Thank You” to all my sponsors. I don’t think I’m going to raise more than Bonnie the Border Terrier as she managed about £500 but it’ll be about £400 so that’s not bad at all!!

  2. Woof and well done to all of you, it got very hot. We were thinking of you all. Jack’s Daddy was playing golf, and I had lots of other things to do.

    I expect you will sleep well tonight if it isn’t too hot!

    Super you have raised so much, our sponsor money will be there with you soon too.

    Love from True_Belle and Jack x

  3. Brilliant blog and brilliant that you raised so much money!!

    LUL Jazzy, Trea and dat Enid xxxxxx

  4. Wot a fantastic walk……improved of corse by avin a border terrier on it. Woof. Well done you. We do some sponsorin later when we get to our computa

  5. Wow Teagan that looks like a fantastic walk – loving the mud action especially! Were you a bit stinky for the pub after your green water bath??? Love Bingo

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