To Esher and beyond!!

You may remember that I met up with Rizzo the Yorkshire Terrier way back in January 2010. Well, on Friday we packed lots of things into daddy’s car and off we went – dad said we were going to Rizzo’s house in Esher! It was a very long journey but after we had stopped being lost (yes, daddy got us mislaid, we went to Waitrose carpark twice!) we finally arrived.

Nearly there?

What a lot of grass and trees! And what a cute little house!

Rizzo's House

Wow, Rizzo lives here!

It’s always loads of fun getting somewhere because there are all the greetings to do! Bonkers zoomies and stuff too.

He’s grown up a bit since I last met him. Anyway, we had lots of fun running round the garden and I jumped in their fountain! Aunty Pam and Uncle Baz didn’t mind me doing my zoomies and I was allowed to go everywhere!

Aunty Pam & Rizzo

He’s wearing his new ‘tux’ bandana I had specially made for him by the lovely Michaela at Puppy Love Pets . He showed me all around his house and also in the front garden – wow, wht a lucky dog he is, he has squirrels in a tree right outside his house and a big wild boar too!!

Looking for the squirrel

I think they like pigs because they even have one in the kitchen!

Watch out behind you Rizzo!

All the humans had a lovely dinner and I was very good and on my best behaviour! Well, I didn’t want to be put into the “Rizzo Jail” did I.. BOL, it’s not really a jail, it’s just a sort of crate that is built into their kitchen.. pretty cool I think. It’s Rizzo’s little den!

Rizzo's Den is a bit small for me 😦

After a good night’s sleep, or sort of… I kept hearing noises so was doing random woofing and keeping mummy and daddy awake… we were awake by six o’clock so decided to go for an early walk in town and see if we could find a quick geocache!

Carry On Loving

Yay!! Yes, there’s a geocache hidden right here on the main road going through Esher and we found it!!  We walked past the race course and saw where the horses go to rest after a race.

Sandown Park Stables

They looked a bit old so maybe they have built nice new ones somewhere else. We also saw St George’s Church which is very old and has lots of very very old tomb stones.

It’s a very pretty little church.

We also spotted a Silly gravestone.

Another funny thing we saw on our walk were these toilets that looked like they had been beamed down from outer space and alien creatures were about to emerge. Usually mum doesn’t miss an opportunity, but she didn’t want to try them out. I wonder why!

Scary Toilets

We even had time to stop and smell the flowers.

Taking a break

But we didn’t want to be late for breakfast so we  headed back off to Rizzo’s house. I was feeling quite weary by now.

Nodding off...

Actually I wasn’t nodding off, I was doing sneaky licks hoovering up crumbs and hoping for another piece of croissant.. I only had two tiny bits, I shan’t tell you how many Uncle Baz ate!! Aunty Pam said they were special low calorie ones so it was all okay though. Rizzo didn’t even get any crumbs on his whiskers.

No evidence on my chops!!

I was sad to say goodbye to Rizzo, he was great fun to play with and I shall miss him.

Treat please?

After such an exciting time you’d think we were going to head straight back home wouldn’t you… but no, not this time! We were taking a diversion and stopping off to do a little bit of pre-arranged geocaching somewhere near Dogmersfield – such a lovely little village but the caches weren’t actually there! We were doing a cache called “Basildon Sinclair” first and we had to walk along the canal to find it. It was a puzzle cache and mum had worked out the clues weeks ago to find the final coordinates to put in the Garmin gadget.

Basingstoke Canal

It was a very pretty canal. We saw swans, a flowerpot man doing some fishing, a horse,  some ducks and some cows too!

The horse isn't a real one!!!

There were lots of bridges and they all looked just the same… which is probably why they all had name plates on them so they remembered which one was which.

Yay! We found it!

It would have been nice to walk a bit more along here to see more of the canal…

Basingstoke Canal

but we had been tweeting with @Millie_T_Dog, a fellow geodog, and we were about to go and do her own puzzle cache “Lady Heather’s Box”. Mum had also done that one and worked out the coordinates.. the hardest part was finding the parking spot! Dad hadn’t got a proper map with him so it took a few texts with Millie’s mum before we finally found ourselves at Zebon Copse ready to find the cache.

I think it's this way

We did find the cache but what was even more exciting than that was meeting up with the real live Millie!!! Yes, we met @Millie_T_Dog and her mum and dad. We were both kind of excited and didn’t stand still and certainly weren’t going to sit down together and pose for a photo. So, this is Millie on her own! @adogcalledbingo is going to be sooo jealous!!

Mille the Geodog!

One day soon I’m going to meet Bingo the Geodog too… but that will be another story and I can’t wait to tell it!!


~ by Teagan on July 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “To Esher and beyond!!”

  1. Wow looks like you had an excellent time. Good work with the geocaching and I am mega jealous you had a tweet up with Millie! Patents are taking some time off in august so I will be planning their geocache routes for them soon – hope to include some down your way so you never know I could feature too soon on your blog!

  2. Oh wow, I’m famous, I’ve made it onto someone else’s blog *tail wags*. It was lovely to meet you Teagan (and your humans too!) even if I wasn’t in my best manners mood. Your furiend Rizzo looks fun, maybe I should pop up to Esher particularly if there are croissants.

  3. Wuff, Teagan, we enjoyed your travelogue about Esher very much. Haven’t been there for years and years. (Used to live in Walton as a child!)

    Rizzo looks such a sweetie, did you wear your best ever collar for your visit.

    Millie seems to be a real honey too.

    Now , why don’t we have public loos like that in Dorset, I wonder whether any one on the council here has seen one before? They look amazing, providing you don’t get stuck of course, and it takes off! (Tardis fashion)

    Your Mum has taken some gorgeous pictures , you look very pretty indeed.

    Jack is on the waiting list for a trim, it is a long waiting list :0(

    We are having a tree chopped down today, but see you soon.

    Love from

    True_Belle and Jack xxxx

  4. Teagan is one cool chick and I look forward to catching up with her again in August when I’m on my holidays in Poole.

    As they say at the yachting club “Brace yerself Shela”

    Bonk, Bonk, Lickey Lickey,


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