It’s my Blipday!!


Today is my 365th Blipday!! I signed up to Blipfoto a whole year ago and every single day mum has posted a photo online, not just any photo, it has to be a brand new one taken fresh on the day! I think mum only missed one day out of a whole year and boy was she annoyed about that!! Almost every photo is of me.. there’s the odd exception, when I let one of my friends have a guest appearance, or we see something interesting. Tractors are interesting, and flowers sometimes. Oh, and when mum and dad went on holiday and I went to stay with my friends I let mum post some of her holiday snaps. When it’s not me it’s mostly just random stuff, but as it’s MY blog it’s mostly me!! It’s actually my second blog – that’s why it’s called “Teagan Times Too”. Get it?

View from Hill Barn

We were going to walk right to the top of the hill but it was a bit hot this morning so we stopped up at Hill Barn where they’ve just finished harvesting the rapeseed. Mum’s not very good at doing arty farty stuff with Photoshop.. umm which isn’t very surprising because she hasn’t even got Photoshop.. but she did take a couple of props and made me a 365 bandana to wear! It’s still white and smart looking because I wasn’t allowed to put it on until we got here. Sounds easy, take a photo… but they don’t always come out how you want them to!

Wrong props

See, I decided to pose nicely but I had my back to the sun and was sitting right next to her red rucksack and my water bowl and the biscuit wrapper…#fail

Just one tiny lick?

Almost right but at the last second I decide to have a sneaky lick at the birthday bone. Thank goodness for digital cameras.. imagine having to do this using a roll of 36 and then sending them away to be put onto pieces of paper.

Weird Hair

In this one my bandana is all wrinkled up and I’ve also got weird hair because there’s a tree growing out of my head. I also don’t like looking straight at the camera because I get those wild yellow eyes and sometimes my nose looks absolutely massive. A side shot is much better but does tend to make my mouth look really really big and ferocious… as if I’m the kind of dog that would run and catch a rabbit or a squirrel and do untold nasties. As if I’d do that, of course I wouldn’t..

Home via the Clump

So, photo session over, we pack up our things and head off home… down the diagonal track across the wheat field towards the big square clump of trees. Yes, I should be sitting on the sunny side but it’s too hot so I’m sitting on the shady side, you can just see me if you look hard.

On a clear day there’s a lovely view from up here.. see, above all that wheat there’s a view.. but you probably have to click on the picture and look at it bigger to see it. But the wheat’s pretty nice – I myself love to run through it to practice my springing. That’s when I run and have to keep going “boing” “boing” to see where I’m going!

View when boinging

Today was far too hot for doing much springing and I stayed mainly on the footpath in the shady spots.

A nice cool shady bit of the walk

It was so warm that I didn’t even feel tempted to run into the woods and chase the pheasants… not that I’m allowed to do that, I’m not, but a couple of times I have gone in when I’ve been giving chase to a bird, completely by accident. Don’t tell anyone but it’s spaniel heaven in there! Birds everywhere.

The poppies are ripening now, soon they’ll be all brown and rattling their seeds. We’re hoping we’ll be able to see them chop them all down – we like to see tractors and big machines doing their stuff.  Anyway, this is the last field before we get back to the village..  and I’m already planning on my big leap into the paddling pool to cool off!

I LOVE my paddling pool!!

So, onward we go for the next 365 blips!! And it seems like everyone is counting everything now… apparently my last blog post was my 278th and it contained 465 words. I honestly can’t believe that I’ve done 278 blog posts, I think that needs checking… has mum really spent THAT much time doing my blog? OMD she’s going to want paying next and I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it.

Late Edit: MsGable on Blipfoto spotted Magpie’s blip taken at Blip Central. You will probably have to check out the LARGE copy, but look who is on the screen!!! Big thank you to MsGable for having such good eyesight and noticing!!


~ by Teagan on July 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “It’s my Blipday!!”

  1. What a GRAND accomplishment! ConCATulations! Happy Birthday, too! Hoping your birthday wish comes true! XoX

    • Thanks Bad Andy! It’s not really a birthday, just a sort of birthday… I’m just wishing to get another year’s photos blipped 🙂

  2. Happy 365th blipday! Ben the lab sends his congrats!

    (You’ve seen some pics of him on blipfoto under Alchemy). He has his own blog too if you’d like to visit it at

  3. Ben apologises for his human sending you the address to his blog as you’ve already visited it! Can’t get the staff these days!

    • That’s okay! I follow lots of blogs & I forget where I have and haven’t been.. not enough hours in the day to do everything 😦

  4. Teagan, you have real star quality , huge congratulations to mum for keeping her eye on the Blip. That is quite some undertaking.

    Love from

    True_Belle and Jack xxxx

    • *blush* thank you! It’s quite funny to think that every single day of the year mum has taken a photo, well, every day except one!

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