Phew it’s absolutely scorchio!!

We’re having a bit of scorchio weather at the moment, though it’s not as scorchio as some of our friends across the pond are having to cope with. Most mornings we go for a walk across the road in the wheat field. They’ve cut the rapeseed so that’s a good hoopy field but the wheat has great rows to run up and down. We walk all the way to the top then back down another row and back up another one and back down yet another row!! Being short it’s a bit shady for me.

Walking the rows

I play with my hoopy or sometimes a ball. Balls are better in the rows because they’re easier for mum and dad to throw in a straight line.

I like blue tennis balls

In the evening we go up to Coll Wood or just up Muston Lane or the track from Anderson. Mum takes her bicycle and on Sunday both mum and dad were on their bicycles! This is me having a race with dad.

And here I am cycling alongside mum on the lane.

They ride very slowly but I forget to pace myself and if I catch a whiff of a pheasant I’m off racing after it and then come back huffing and puffing. They always take water and my travel bowl so we stop every now and again for me to have a drink.

Resting at the top of the hill

Those things are bicycles lying down.. mum and dad stopped to have a rest too.

Where's dad gone?

Dad went off round the corner, I wonder what he was doing? It’s all downhill to get home from here but at the moment it’s very overgrown so we have to go a bit slow and be careful of nettles and brambles. Once we get home, I can’t wait to cool off in my paddling pool.


~ by Teagan on July 31, 2011.

3 Responses to “Phew it’s absolutely scorchio!!”

  1. Oh, bless you, you sneeze-ed when you were in your pool! 🙂 Purrdy pix and FUN videos, too. I LOVED seeing you swim – that is sooooo CUTE! And I bet you win all the races, you’re way faster than those bikes – ZOOOOM! XoX

  2. great videos! we haven’t had a scorchio day for ages!

  3. Hello Teagan, the harvest is being cut quite swiftly. Can you hear the whir of the combines at night?

    Mummy has been so busy, and Daddy has had a few days off. I hope we can have a proper swim and play soon.

    I expect it has been very warm for bicycling activities.

    We always love your travel diary adventures.

    Love from

    True_Belle and Jack spaniel xx

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