All Change August

The countryside keeps changing around us and now the roads are changing too – last week we spotted some road closure signs going up on East Street so we thought we would investigate.

Hmmm what's this? what's this?

It’s going to be closed for THREE whole weeks while they do some bridge repairs. Well, it doesn’t really bother us because we don’t drive up here.. so let’s see where us pedestrians are supposed to walk.

How exciting, a diversion!!

So, we get to go through into the field and walk across the little bridge and down the side of the maize field… and wow, we get a really good view of the work they’ve been doing! Look at the size of this hole, it’s absolutely mahoosive!!

A huge hole

I might even be able to sneak some young sweetcorn soon, I love the baby corn. There are always some knocked down by animals and we only pick those, we don’t take them off the big plants because that would be naughty.

Look at all the sweetcorn!!

So, that’s the diversion! I could see my friends Max and Millie up at the gate so we rushed on up to say hello and then carried on our walk. A lot of the fields have all been turned into hoopy fields now – the combine harvesters are really working overtime to get the crops in.

Yay! My hoopy field is back

It’s the same in all the fields. The barley hasn’t gone yet, but most of the wheat has gone now.

Look at those straw piles!

And here we are again in the next field…

Decision time.. where to play hoopy

We carried on walking up the track and had a bit of a distressing moment when we came across a rat that was obviously very seriously wounded. He was being pestered by a lot of flies and was taking his last breaths. A braver dog would have put it out of its misery but I really didn’t like the look of him. Yes, mum did take a photo but I persuaded her that it wasn’t suitable for posting.  Even Mr Ratty should be able to die in peace without having his photo posted on the interwebs. RIP Ratty.

So, on to the next big change! See if you can spot it..

Yes, the green lane's been cut!!

Isn’t this great? We’d heard that the council hadn’t got any money left to cut footpaths so we’d been planning on taking some shears up to cut the nettles down at the two really bad patches, but now we don’t have to. They’ve cut all the way up to the junction.. If anyone from the council is reading this we’d like to say “thank you”, we’re really glad to have our footpaths back.

This was one of the bad bits, now it's perfect

We walked all the way to the top, up the field a bit and then came all the way back down again to the junction where we turned off and walked up past Hill Barn and then across one of the last remaining wheat fields.  It’ll be gone tomorrow though, the combine was in the next field.

Having a final sniff

We walked down past the clump of trees and I thought about having a dash in to see what pheasants were around, but mum told me no, so I was a good pup and stayed on the footpath.

So much hoopy space

But there was no time to waste, all those piles of straw were hiding the infamous “straw critters”.

They're here somewhere

The little devils are really hard to catch, but it’s great fun trying.

I can’t wait to have another go tomorrow, I’m sure I’m going to catch one.

Replacing Emoji...
Replacing Emoji...

~ by Teagan on August 16, 2011.

9 Responses to “All Change August”

  1. Oh my, wot are straw critters? I dint never see one of em before…must go an investigate

  2. I *think* they are little furry animals that scurry about in the straw & grass. I like sniffing them out in the long grass on my hill walks, not that I ever catch one! I’ve not tried hunting for them in cut fields though.

  3. Loved the description of your walk Teagan. What a huge hole they have dug. It would take me a while to dig one that big, though I see you had a go in the field while hunting the straw critters 🙂

  4. That was a lovely journey Teagan. What was that huge hole all about? Mummy has taken some lovey pictures again.

    The nettles overgrowing pathways are very strong and stingy- Jack always rolls around when he gets home, I think the nettles do have a strong sting at this time of the year.

    These straw critturs are very difficult to actually see- If your Mummy says eek eek , maybe they will reveal themselves!

    Eek eek

    love from
    True_Belle and Jack xx

  5. Loved the video of you chasing the straw critters! You’re bound to catch one soon! 🙂 & how lovely that your footpath has been cut. Money has run out here too for that type of thing so some of the villagers are trying to do it themselves.

  6. Congrats on your new blog!! We look forward to reading your adventures!!

  7. Hi new pals. I just now found your great bloggy because dat Jazzer gave me the link. I’m so glad she did. Now I just have to figure out how to follow it so I can keep up with your adventures. We love seeing your great pictures too. Don’t you just hate neddles! My grandparents used to live in the country, and while I wasn’t around then, M said every time she took a walk she got burrs stuck to her pant legs. he he I can imagine how they stick to doggie fur.

  8. Okay – I tink we got that figured out and I should now be following you.

    • Hi there, good to see you here! Thanks for visiting. As you will see, I like cats though I don’t actually get to talk to many, just my neighbour Fiddick. Mostly ones I meet run away.. I think they’re all a bit shy.
      See you again soon. xx

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