Weekend Deployments!!

Woof! That’s a big word for a small pup isn’t it but we’ll get to the deployment part later on so don’t go away. On Saturday morning I was mostly busy doing some work but that will be the subject of another blog, so I shan’t say another word! In the afternoon though we did a bit of geocaching, as we’d heard on the twitter grapevine that it was International Geocaching Day and a Souvenir was up for grabs. Without saying exactly where we were, here are a few pictures.. it was a fun afternoon and evening!

A cute cache!

It was a lovely afternoon for a walk.

Resting in a shady spot.

Such a lot of lovely cache containers.

Strange critters around here!

It’s tiring all this looking for caches.

Another little sit down, no cup of tea though

And even slightly scary ones!

Can I eat it?

And lots of lovely fields and trees and things in between all the exciting geocaching stuff!

Nice spot for another rest

Finding those caches should have got us a Souvenir but it hasn’t appeared yet so we’re a little bit unhappy. Perhaps that’s why we got so excited when our friend Bingo tweeted to us about Munzees! It’s sort of similar to geocaching but you just use an app on your iPhone or Android, whatever an Android is. Apparently you can’t do it with a blackberry.. but surely that should be obvious because a blackberry is small and squishy and not around all year.

This weekend was a double points weekend so we jumped right on in and found that our nearest Munzee to collect was at Cerne Abbas, a little bit far to go just for the one. So we didn’t go to collect it but we did create four of our very own Munzees that we could set free in the countryside. The technical term for which is “deploying”.

Our very first "munzee" released on Sunday 21 August 2011

I hope it will be safe there. Munzee is still very new so more people need to be rounded up to do it so we figure it’s best to have them fairly easy to spot to drum up some more interest. It’s the sort of thing you can do while you’re out geocaching. If you’re already straining at the bit shouting “tell me more” then why don’t you have a look here and read about it.

Look no nettles!!

While we were out deploying our first munzee mum did some pruning round the two kissing gates and the stile. They were getting a bit overgrown with brambles and nettles again, so were in need of some work. See how nice and clear this one is now? Farmer Lawrence has got his bullocks in the next field at the moment so we can go into the bumpy field again to play fetch games. We had a quick walk through to wave at the bullocks and to see how the pond is.

A mere puddle 😦

Very disappointing. You can see that we’re in a big dip and in the winter this fills up with water and is like my own personal lake for swimming in, when the bullocks aren’t in the field. If they’re in the field we don’t go in because as you may remember, if you follow my blog, they’re a little bit frisky.

You will remember that I said we’d created four munzees and so far we’ve only deployed one… so this evening mum and I went over to Turners Puddle and deployed the remaining three munzees!

Munzee No 4

We also deployed Munzee Nos 3 and 2 but we won’t go giving the game away in case a Munzee collector is reading this! Not very likely, but you never know.

The end of a perfect day

We got so carried away with the Munzee deployment that we didn’t get back to the car until it was almost dark! It was a good job mum had remembered to put my Leuchtie LED Light Collar in her rucksack.

Me in my Leuchtie

I shall sleep well tonight and dream about my new Munzees!

Replacing Emoji...
Replacing Emoji...

~ by Teagan on August 21, 2011.

5 Responses to “Weekend Deployments!!”

  1. Wow…munzees….we gotta do some of dat…..I like lookin for fings when I go walkin….I will keep my eye out for em in Surrey

  2. Wow, Teagan, sounds like a great weekend! I’ve asked @HeatherAlex to get that Munzee app so we can try it out and I’ll keep you posted on that.

  3. Those little cache containers are awesome! We did find some good ones for Halloween but the most interesting one near us has been a fake rock.

    Need to check out Munzees too! 🙂

  4. we just found out about munzees too. 🙂 we’ve been geocaching 5 years now. likes like you all had a lot of fun!

  5. can’t believe we’re only just getting round to finally reading this! And I can’t believe any of your beautiful munzees have not been captured yet! I really do need to get my tail down to Dorset!

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