A grooming day

Today was a grooming day. During the summer months I usually go about every six weeks to have my fur done. My appointment today was at 11.15, not that I knew that until we actually got there. Rotten trick, I should have twigged when I noticed our morning walk was a little later than  usual but I thought it was just because of the rain. We went over to the field first for a quick game of hoopy and then walked up East Street where the road is closed and took the diversion.

The diversion

Mum has to stay behind the temporary fence but I like to have a sniff around the field because it’s all new territory to me.

This is where the cows used to be

We were never allowed in here before because the cows used to graze in this field and then after the cows went they put sheep in it. The sheep have moved on to another field now. It’s all very exciting and we get to walk over the little bridge.

A barrier even when there's no water, puzzling

Mum found me a baby sweetcorn to try.. the very tiny ones are lovely. We also stopped to check how the bridge work is getting on – not a lot happening, they obviously don’t work when it’s raining.

Hmmm not a lot going on here

When we got to the top of the lane we turned left, up by the farm, which we don’t usually do in the mornings.

Are we going left or straight on?

Hmmm puzzling, we walked up to the top of the hill and then walked back down again and mum threw hoopy for me in the field right by the farm. We never ever do that.

Yay! I got the hoopy!

It wasn’t long before I got the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. So I decided to start heading back home to see if mum would follow.

Are you coming mum?

She didn’t move so I thought I’d better run back to her.

Here I am mum, hurry up, I want to go home now

Well, that was a big mistake. Before I knew it she’d put the slip lead over my head and we were off to the farm and Hilary was unlocking the door to the grooming room and talking about giving me a wash first. Mum walked home and came back in the car about an hour later to collect me. Because the road’s closed we could drive over the cattle grid along the farm’s private road.

A road through the maize

And drove over a little bridge that goes over the dried up Winterborne stream

No water in the stream because it's August

And then we were back on the normal road.. driving past this dead tree that looks a bit spooky with all the crows on it.

It's a poorly tree

I spent the afternoon at home following mum around the house because she was spending time with Henry Hoover instead of with me. I’m not scared of him but I do sometimes woof or snap at him if he gets too close to me, besides I don’t see why she can’t just spend all her time playing with me, I’m much more fun.

For our evening walk we just went up the wheat field because it had dried out a bit and then we walked down the other field to get to the humpy bumpy field that hasn’t got the bullocks in it at the moment. Someone has put a nice people gate at the top so we don’t have to go through the big gate any more!

A new little gate just for us!

We played a bit more hoopy and I had a good sniff around and didn’t dig up any molehills because I wanted to keep my paws nice and clean.

The bullocks are in the other field

It’s a lovely field, I wish the bullocks didn’t ever have to come in this field. But I guess they like it too so we have to learn to share. It’s just a shame that they’re so big and boisterous.

That's me over there, the little black dot

So, that was a grooming day… a relaxed walking day because of all the rain and also because I want to try and stay clean for 24 hours!

My new 'do'


~ by Teagan on August 23, 2011.

8 Responses to “A grooming day”

  1. Wow you haf such a fun time day after day!

  2. Sounds like the dat turned out all right, Teagan! I do like reading about your walks (even if I can’t run about myself just now)

  3. I just got stripped too….they was pullin it out at the roots….ouch! I got to eat a lot of snaks tho…I dussnt cooperate wivout da snaks….

    • I’m glad I’m not a BT, it sounds like being plucked to me. Mum used to do it to the persians ears, they didn’t seem to mind but they were a bit thick.

  4. Who looks so pretty then? Hilary has done a good job on you. Your top knot is very elegant, mine is growing also(just a little)

    We loved your photographic walk, the stream does look very dry.

    The rooks look amazing in the dead tree, and they are all facing the same way, ready for taking off I suppose!

    Marley terrier has got them all sorted- snacks , did you have any to keep you going?

    ohhhhh ,just hope to see you very soon, time and all that.

    Love from

    True_Belle and Jack BeNimble

  5. whoops and licks too xx

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