The art of digging…. some more hints and tips

Back in January I published a post called The Art of Digging Some Hints & Tips  If you didn’t see this, then I suggest you follow the link and have a quick refresher course or you could just watch the video which shows you the basic techniques I use when digging a hole. Anyway, today I thought I would go into the more advanced techniques and I hope the following photos will give you some ideas. Are we ready? Right.. off we go.

Step 1 : Choose your Spot

For an advanced hole I would recommend a nice big field where no one will care if you dig a hole. A garden is not a good choice as you are likely to get your privileges withdrawn as humans can be a little precious about their lawns. A mole hole is also a good place to start as the soil is nice and loose. So, have a good sniff around and when you find your spot, just start digging!

Pace yourself.. start slowly

I find it’s helpful to move around the hole to check how it’s progressing.

Keep your head down while digging

But don’t forget about what’s going on around you, it wouldn’t do to be surprised by something sneaking up on you so have regular checks over your shoulder.

Keep an eye on what's going on around you

I also find it useful to try digging in the opposite direction from time to time.

A little bit of sideways digging

It helps widen the hole to make access easier when you start getting down deep.

Step back to check on progress

Don’t forget to keep checking on your progress and also checking on what’s going on around you. After all, you’d feel a bit of a pup if you finished digging to find a deer or a pheasant standing right behind you.

Sniff the air & have a good look around

And then get right back on with the digging.

By now it's growing nicely

It’ll be getting quite deep but keep on sticking your nose right down to the bottom of the hole and have a good sniff and then follow that with a big snort to blow the soil out of your nose ready for the next sniff.

Nose right to the bottom of the hole

At this point it’s up to you to decide how deep you dig. You can keep on going as long as you like but it’s pretty thirsty work so I’d advise taking a bowl and some water with you if you’re planning on an extended digging session.

Take a note of your bearings

Before you leave your hole it’s also useful to take a note of your bearings so that you can find your hole again. Some of my best holes are the product of several weeks digging. This was my hole today.. with my hoopy beside it so you can see it’s size.

The end of digging on Day 1.

After digging a hole I recommend going home and having a good paw soak to get all the ground in dirt out of your pads.

Have a drink before you start wiggling your paws

It’s also helpful if you can get your mum, or any willing family member, it doesn’t really matter who it is, to help get the mud out from between your pads. You’ll be surprised at how much mud you’ve got on your paws… so best to get it all out now and not later on the carpet!

Ewww this all came out of my paws!!

That’s all for now, so keep digging and one day you might just get there.

Replacing Emoji...
Replacing Emoji...
Replacing Emoji...

~ by Teagan on August 25, 2011.

6 Responses to “The art of digging…. some more hints and tips”

  1. Er…you dint say wot you was lookin for…..did you find it?

    • I was looking for one of those straw critters.. now that the piles of gone they’re all hiding underground. We can’t let them escape that easily!

  2. You look like you had great fun! Very good of you to wash up afterwards – not sure I’m that well house trained!

  3. Wow Teagan, you are an awesome digger. Is there an Olympic event for digging, like woogling? I think you’d get the gold, for sure. Thanks for the lesson – I’m going to practice as soon as I can…

    • If there isn’t an Olympic event then I think there should be one. Hey, if we added swimming, we could have a triathlon with a bit of woogling, some swimming and then a dig, or a dig, a woogle and a swim?

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