Toys, Toys, Toys!!!

A few weeks ago a package arrived in the post for me and in it were three dog toys all from the Pets Corner online pet shop – a rubber toy, a squeaky toy and a rope toy! Mum told me that I had some work to do because I had to play with them all to see whether I liked them or not, how much fun they were and stuff like that. So, it was a tough job and three toys is a lot for one small pup to play with all at once. So, here is a picture of all the toys, yes, I’m on the ground and the toys are up on the furniture.

What are they doing up there?

Why did she put them up there? How am I supposed to play with them? So.. test one.. mum put them all on the floor so I could have a good look.

Which one shall I choose first?

Mum cut the labels off and let me choose which one I wanted to play with first. They were all from the Great & Small range of dog toys at the Pets Corner online pet shop.

A perfect fit!

I picked the ball – I liked the colours and it looked like a good toy to play with indoors.  Because it was a ropey toy mum let me chase it up and down the corridor and in the kitchen where I do big skids on the tiles.  I was also allowed it on the furniture which is good for when you are feeling a bit tired.

Gosh my bottom looked big in that video!

It's cleaning my teeth while I chew!

Well, after the ball I had a play with the blue rubber dog toy – mum and I went across to the field for a game of fetch. It’s probably supposed to be a tuggy toy but as I’m a spaniel mum says I’m not allowed to play tuggy games, something to do with my soft mouth. Soft mouth? I think that means that if I pick up a dead pheasant I should just give it to someone without chomping. That’s a laugh, if I catch a pheasant or a bunny I’m going to chomp.

The blue rubber toy

Anyway, we also had a go at playing in the garden which was great fun because it boinged all over the place. I couldn’t make up my mind between the blue rubber toy and the squeaky toy.. so should I choose the ball? I’m not really supposed to play with that out in the garden if I want to play with it indoors as well.

Choice.. hmmm which one shall I choose?

Tee hee, can you tell which one I chose?

I got the ball

I always recommend going for the one your mum says you’re not really allowed to play with outdoors. It’s a good job it was a sunny day and not raining.

Can't make up my mind

If I had a bigger mouth I could play with all three dog toys.

Grrr you can't escape

After all that it was time to have a rest and go indoors for a while, well, maybe just one quick game with the purple squeaky toy. When I first saw it it did look a bit like a puppy toy but it really was quite good fun. I’m not sure how it would get on in the teeth of a dog that chews and destroys stuff, probably not very well, fun for five minutes maybe. But for me it was good fun and it didn’t have the kind of squeak that drives humans mad, so a bonus for them!

Naughty toys make me grrr and do funny noises.

Hands off, it's my squeaky toy

So, after trying out all three toys I have to say that I honestly do like all three of them but if I had to choose a favourite I think it would be the rope knot ball. I like chewing on it and I reckon it’s going to last forever and ever.

It's MY ball so don't try and take it. Night night x


~ by Teagan on September 18, 2011.

7 Responses to “Toys, Toys, Toys!!!”

  1. Loved this bloggy and the vids! XXXXX

  2. They look great. I think I’d like a rope toy like that as well…

  3. Wow! Geat review Teagan sweetie! 🙂 Buzzy will be doing his this week – he likes his rope toy best too but his is a tuggy one. x x

    • I thought I was the only one who hadn’t done it yet. I always say that if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well and even more so when it is to do with toys, or food!! I like testing toys..

  4. I think my favourite is the rope toy too!!

  5. Decisions decisions, which one is your favourite Teagan?
    I think the ball won’t travel too far awy from your side, so pretty.

    You are definitely the best all round tester of everything :0) x

    love from Jack BeNimble and True_Belle x

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