A Walk In The Dark : 8 – 16 October 2011

For a week in October lots of dogs all over the country were doing a “Walk in the Dark” to raise money for the charity Medical Detection Dogs. “Medical Detection Dogs trains specialist assistance dogs to help save the lives of people with medical conditions such as type 1 diabetes and Addison’s disease. The charity’s first achievement was successfully training dogs to sniff out cancer in human urine samples. The charity would like to help more people with life threatening and disabling medical conditions, but can only do so through continued financial support from the public.” [that bit was acquired from the Walk in the Dark website, thank you WITD]

The walk that mummy and I went on was in Shaftesbury and was organised by Gabriela and William Pug at Collarways who were sponsoring the Walk in The Dark.  The winter is a dangerous time of year for dog walkers and that’s why a lot of us were wearing our Leuchie LED Light Collars and our humans were wearing the hi-viz waistcoats. Car drivers need to see us.

Anyway, enough with the boring words, pictures are what it’s all about. Mummy and I were actually late getting to Shaftesbury for the 5.30pm start, we hadn’t been rushing because it wasn’t due to even get dark until almost 7pm and we didn’t think they’d rush off in broad daylight. But lots and lots of doggies turned up and they all whizzed off dead on 5.30pm! It was just as well we were a bit late though because we met up with Violet and her owners who were also late.


Violet was a lovely little dachshund that had been rescued from a puppy mill life. She was very cute but had very short legs so when she got tired her mummy let her ride in the basket of her mobility scooter! What a lucky pup!!!


End of Circuit 1

Before too long we spotted lots of people and dogs coming round the corner – they’d all been round and done the first circuit. It was only about a mile so they were going to go round at least a couple more times. But before the second walk we had a lot of nose and bottom sniffing to do!

Nice walk?

William Pug was there of course, as was Bob the Chihuahua but there were also lots of other dogs that I’d never met before.

I do love a good Scottish woof

Some of the people who came just did the first circuit and then went off home… poor dogs, came expecting a nice walk in the dark and by the time they got home it was still daylight.

Bob the Chihuahua & George the Labrador pup

By the time we were off on the second circuit it was getting a bit darker – most of us were wearing our Leuchtie collars.. see wee Bob up there in his lovely bright green one. Looks lovely doesn’t it. They really are brilliant, they use regular AA batteries, are fully waterproof, they switch themselves on and off – so no fiddly buttons – and no irritating flashy lights, just four bright lights so you can be seen from any direction. I always get lots of comments when people see me wearing mine. Down there you can see William Pug in his blue one, looks great with his glossy black coat.

There was quite a crowd of us!

Here’s another picture of more doggies in the twilight.

All shapes and sizes!!

I think the littlest doggy was probably Violet the doxie or Bob the chihuahua and the biggest was Katie the Irish Wolfie – she’s got her back to the camera in the picture just up there. We also met up with my friend Jack the cocker spaniel.. his mum was late too so she had to hurry to catch us up. It was great to see Jack again though and he was also wearing his Leuchtie LED light collar.

The view

There is a panoramic dial up there that shows you how far away places are and in what direction… so you know what you are looking at. If you click on the photo you can see it bigger and read the words on it.

This tells you what we could see

Anyway, by this time it was actually getting a bit darker and we were starting to do the Walk In The Dark for real.

Fuzzy dogs and fuzzy humans!!

Now, up there you can see how big the Irish Wolfie is? Well here is a little video of me playing chase with her!!

And here is just one final picture of me, Jack Spaniel talking to Turbo Heeler and William Pug in the background.

The All Blacks?

I can thoroughly recommend you taking a peek at my friend William the Pug’s blog – his dad had a big camera with those big lenses on it and he took some great photos, much better than mine! So do go and take a look.

~ by Teagan on October 16, 2011.

6 Responses to “A Walk In The Dark : 8 – 16 October 2011”

  1. What fun, a walk in the dark! I want one of those lighting up type collars

    • They really are very good indeed, I don’t go for walks in the dark very often but when I go out in the garden mum knows exactly where I am… so no hunting hedgehogs for me. Hrmmph used to be a favourite thing to do when I went out for my pre-bedtime wee.

  2. THat looks like pawsome fun Teagan. I must get Lola one of dem collars cos she is always runnnin off

    • If she gets one of these she won’t be going anywhere without you being able to see her! Well, as long as she doesn’t hide behind a wall or a hippopotamus or something big.

  3. One these wicked collars is definitely on my xmas wish list. Don’t think it will stop me running off but at least they’ll be able to see how far away I am! BOL

  4. I couldn’t remember whether i had commented on here- must have imagined it. Lovely pics and storyline as ever.

    We had a great time meeting all the different friends of Collarways – It was for such a good cause.

    Every wuffle looked quite magical as the evening got darker- a spangle of coloured lights is about right.

    A Leuchtie hat for humans would be another idea- although Halos aren’t for us to award! xx


    True-Belle and Jack xx

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