A Geocaching Tweetup!!

Sunday 30th October was an absolutely wooftastic day!! My twitter buddy @adogcalledbingo came to visit me all the way from Southampton! We’d been planning it for ages and ages because he’s also a completely mad Geodog, aka BingoTheBountyHunter, so we had been busy laying some extra geocaches on my TR’s Trail in the hope that, if he was really lucky, he could perhaps get his very first First to Find! He’s done hundreds and hundreds of geocaches but never managed one because where he lives there’s always lots of people that rush to new caches.

Getting to know each other

Anyway, Bingo arrived with his mum and dad and because we had lots of walking to do we got our boots on and set off on the trail as quickly as possible. This is me and Bingo having a chase round the field. We’re both wearing our new camouflage bandanas that mummy got specially made for us by Michaela from Puppy Love Pets.

They quickly found the first micro on my multi-cache and then we took a little diversion to one of my new caches “Bingo’s Big One” – a special big cache with some dog toys in it and some other bits for humans.

First First to Find!!!

And Bingo chose his special First to Find prize…

Bingo with his Dog Lips

After that we set off on my TR’s Trail – it was fun watching them hunting for the clues and working out the coordinates for the next clues! Bingo and I amused ourselves by running around, having fun.

Almost got you Bingo!

We also walked up to Rendezvous Plantation to do my TR’s Rendezvous cache which they found without too much trouble.

Off on a Rendezvous

The weather wasn’t very nice for us, it wasn’t exactly raining but it was drizzly and very damp so we were all quite wet and muddy. Me being the smallest got absolutely soaking wet walking through the long grass. At one point I just curled up and refused to walk another step.

I'm cold and wet... can I have a cuddle?

I was beginning to think that no one wanted to pick me up because I was so wet and soggy. But mum came to my rescue… just for a little while and then she passed me over to daddy.

Ahhhh that's better

A few minutes later I was feeling much warmer and ready to go again. Besides, we were almost home and it was all down hill from now on.

Hurry up we're getting bored

Bingo’s mum and dad seemed to take ages working out coordinates.. by now Bingo was on his long lead as he was finding all this open countryside just a little too tempting! Pheasants and deer and bunnies…. and it was difficult enough for them to concentrate on the caches without having to worry about where Bingo was running off to!!

On the way to the Singing Post

This is on the pathway coming down to Muston Lane. My new TR’s Extra “The Singing Post” is along here and Bingo had yet another First to Find!! Then we were back onto the main TR’s Trail route to find the final cache, which they did without any trouble, although they did get caught out by one of our little red herring piles of stickoflage !!

You carry on looking while I dig

I think this was yet another first to find for Bingo. We all celebrated with a chunk of cheese – Bingo’s mum had brought a big bag of cheese chunks, just what we needed!

Yes please to cheese for me!!

There were only a couple more caches to do at this point, oh and a couple more Munzees, I forgot to mention that we had deployed some fresh Munzees and today was a special Pumpkin Munzee day being Howloween and THREE of my munzees were Pumpkins! So Bingo was having a great scoring day all round. Anyway, we were walking along discussing our First to Finds, or lack of, in the case of Bingo, up until today that is… when we bumped into Mr & Mrs Snake Plissken with their Geodog! Fellow cachers that mum and I had bumped into once before at Kite Hill!

The Plisskens and Jolie Geodog

I’m not sure where Bingo was, I think maybe he was a bit shy in front of such a pretty dog as Jolie and was sitting beside his dad!! They were doing my Extra caches backwards so had been really lucky and got First to Finds on two of them.. but Bingo was quite pleased that he didn’t have to get First to Find on all my Extras because people might have thought we’d fixed it for him. And we didn’t. Any early bird cachers, like before 11am, would have had an easy job to beat us to all of them.

Hurry up, some of us are hungry

At this point we were almost home and Bingo and I were impatient to get back for a spot of lunch. Mum had made a big pot of chilli for the humans and had selected some extra tasty big bits of tripe for me and Bingo.

A bone for me!

Look at this lovely handmade bone that Bingo’s mum made for me! It’s lovely and soft and perfect for me to take to bed night! For some reason mum and dad aren’t too keen on me taking squeaky toys or big lumpy ones to bed.

Me Casa es su Casa

Bingo didn’t take long to make himself at home… first trying out my kitchen bed.

This is sooo comfy!

Next he tried out the big chair in the conservatory and snuggled up next to my daddy.. so I had to sit on his knee.

And then he tried out my duvet

I didn’t like to ask him to budge up so I could snuggle up with him because of course his girlfriend is @millie_t_dog and we’re good friends so I wouldn’t like to upset her! I met her in July when we called in to do some geocaches near where she lives! If you want to see Millie you can do that here. We didn’t see her until on our way back from Esher so she’s right at the end of the post.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Bingo and his mum and dad.

Time to wave goodbye to Bingo

We went outside to wave goodbye… the end of a great day. I was really really tired and couldn’t wait to snuggle up in my bed and dream about our exciting adventures!


~ by Teagan on October 30, 2011.

8 Responses to “A Geocaching Tweetup!!”

  1. You two had so much fun!! I hope Bingo comes back to visit you soon! Geoterrific!

    Fluffs, Niqqi

  2. You had such a greate day there my pal. I love to go geocaching. I think Bingo will be dinin out on his success for years to come. Woof

  3. Hello? Anybody home?

  4. What a fantastic geodogtastic day you both had! It does look a bit soggy though Teagan, no wonder you needed warm cuddles 🙂

  5. Looks like you had loads of fun with you new friend

  6. Looks like you had loads of fun with your new friend

  7. BOL We did have an amazing time!!! Thank you sooooooooooooo much for having us down for the day. Your beds were sooooooo comfy – I think I liked the conservatory spot the best though. It was wet and I realised jus how lucky I am having short hair that dries out quickly! Woof Love Bingo xx

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