A Sunday Stroll in Turners Puddle

Daddy has been really busy with work this weekend… he has lots and lots of reading to do. Usually we have a long family walk on a Sunday but today mummy and I left daddy at home and we went off to Turners Puddle on our own.

Daddy likes our family walks so we decided to take some photographs and do a special blog post just so daddy could pretend he had been on our walk with us! The weather was perfect for a walk and we could see for miles and miles.

My favourite posing spot

We walked all the way over the top of the hill to Bere Regis where we stopped at Bere Stream. I jumped in and had a quick paddle.

Are you coming in for a paddle mum?

We seemed to walk up and down the big hill lots of times, but I think it was only twice. We met a lovely lady with a black labrador called Tilly, she was almost exactly the same age as me! And she was also just as bouncy and did zoomies just like I do! So we had lots of fun up in the woods together before we both carried on with our walks. But as we were both doing a circular walk and Tilly was visiting her granny at Briantspuddle, we bumped into them again when we got back from doing the little “Throop loop”. I’d been retrieving big sticks, mum lets me fetch big ones because they are too big for me to hurt myself with…

My ladylike jump into the water...

and when we got to the second ford near where the car was parked, there was Tilly jumping into the water to retrieve the stick mum had thrown! It was quite funny because her mum hadn’t really wanted her to get wet because her granny wasn’t expecting a soggy dog in her house!! Oh well… I’m sure she did a big shake, just like I did.

Shake, shake, shake that body

Anyway, here is a little slideshow with some more pictures. Well, we hope there’s a little slideshow. We always seem to have trouble with slideshows and since we switched to a Mac mum’s been finding it even more difficult. Let’s hope she’s written it down properly so she can remember for next time… as I have a ‘very’ important blog post coming up… Imelda Woofos has been very very busy indeed just lately. So, make sure you watch this space, it’s going to be a real extravaganza. Well, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration  but I’ve been having a lot of wardrobe fun lately!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


~ by Teagan on November 27, 2011.

4 Responses to “A Sunday Stroll in Turners Puddle”

  1. I love your Turners Puddle blog Teagan lots
    of great photos. I can’t get the slides on my
    iPhone but they work great on my computer.
    You got to play in Bere Stream and again near
    your car. Tell Mum good job 🙂

  2. Fantastic – what a lovely day and walk, and lots of fun! (I have a post to do on my stay down in Berkshire but I can’t get much time on the computer just now cos @HeatherAlex is catching up on 2 weeks of emails!)

  3. What a fun walk you had Teagan.

  4. Beautiful countryside and very lovely photos. You are so lucky to be able to explore such wonderful surroundings. Great post!

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