Imelda models Collars by Rogz

For those of you that have been following my blog for a while, you already know that I have a bit of a thing for collars. I love them. A girl just can’t have too many collars, one for every occasion… For newcomers, click here for a quick catchup.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been a very busy girl, checking out a selection of new collars from Rogz. I’ve always loved Rogz collars, ever since I was a tiny pup, and although my wardrobe has of course got lots of other collars in it as well, my Rogz have always been my top favourites… with my all time favourite being the Bones on Red.

Pawprints on Blue, Rogzette, Bones on Red

As you can see the Bones on Red is a bit frayed and definitely well worn! The pink one is my Rogzette girly collar and the blue one is for when I’m feeling like a tom-pup. Anyway, I must get on with telling you all about the gorgeous NEW Rogz collars that were sent to me by the lovely people at Here goes…

Mothers & Daughters should always coordinate their colours!

This is me modelling the Utility Snake collar in Orange, which has two reflective threads running through it. As you can see, it matches mum’s orange whistle and the inside of her Muck Boots perfectly!

Both utterly gorgeous!

The Utility collar also comes in the gorgeous purple – isn’t that just divine? In real life they are both much brighter than they look in that photo. You can also get red, blue, green, black and the totally delicious lime green.

You may be wondering where the “Snake” comes into things… well, the Rogz collars all come in different sizes and ranges which have different names.. and in the “Utility” range I am the Snake size. On their website if you navigate to the “Beltz” section you will see a row of pawprints which shows you which names you need to look for to get your perfect size. I wear the 10-16”, which is also quite a narrow collar which I prefer for everyday wear. The collars also come in different styles to suit every breed from the tiniest wee pup right up to a big Newfie, in fact you can have a 32″ neck and weigh over 50kg and find something to suit you, and of course they also do harnesses and leads. Perhaps I should also just mention that they also do a fab range of cat collars as well, so if you’re a cat reading this, then don’t feel left out because there is a great choice for you too!

Platinum, Gold, Chocolate, Pink

Platinum, Gold, Chocolate, Pink

Now, aren’t they fab? They are in the “Alpinist” range – there is the fabulous bright pink and then three new colours: Chocolate, Gold and Platinum. I wasn’t too sure about them at first, but they do look very sophisticated against my black coat. But they would look equally good on white or brown dogs and I reckon they’d be great on terriers with that lovely golden or autumn brown fur. They have the word Rogz and some pawprints on them, but nothing too garish – just classy and understated.

I’m actually quite fond of the Fancy Dress range, which is a great selection of fun collars for everyday wear. I wear the Scooter size and here are just a few.

Fancy Dress : Lime Bones

Lime Bones – how gorgeous is this? It’s a lovely bright lime green and has the cute bone pattern on it. I love it so much I’ve declared 2012 a Lime year. I know I shouldn’t, but I’m kind of hoping Santa Paws might bring me some more lime in my Christmas stocking! I think mum should just be grateful that I don’t wear shoes and collect those Louboutins, but that would just be totally silly.

Fancy Dress : Neon Chrome

This one is Neon Chrome – a very classy black with bright coloured pawprints on it. Totally cool and again looks lovely against a black coat but would be really fabulous on a white dog. This is going to be my choice when I’m going out for the evening and want to slip on the classic LBC (yes, that’s canine speak, “Little Black Collar”).

Fancy Dress : Viva Rogz

This one is Viva Rogz – it’s a pattern that’s been around for a long time, I think it was around when I was a puppy but I’d already got Bones on Red and mummy thought one red collar was enough. But that was before I got into serious collecting after I’d stopped growing! Viva Rogz – it’s a classic and I love it, perfect for those afternoon garden tea parties when you want to wear something a little bit floral.

Fancy Dress : Purple Chrome

Purple Chrome is absolutely divine – it’s such a beautiful colour and has ROGZ and a little heart in tiny diamante stones. Just right for an evening out at the pub or when you want to stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it, all girls love a bit of bling and if you wear this one you’re going to get lots of compliments.

Reflective : Jupiter - Pink

Some new ones I’d not seen before are the Soft Touch ‘Reflective’ range – I’m a Jupiter in those and tested out the Pink and the Orange. That’s me wearing the pink one. They have the fabric on the inside and on top they are that wonderful soft touch stuff – a bit like a banana skin, but I don’t think any bananas are used in the making of these collars! They’re great for wearing out in showers or long wet grass because the water just runs off.

Reflective : Orange and Pink

Unfortunately they weren’t too easy to photograph, being super reflective, but when you’re out in the dark they really do catch the light so would be perfect for the more urban canine where streetlights would show it off really well.

Utility : Purple - perfect for a walk in the heather

Well, I could talk about collars for hours, I love them! But I do hope some of my enthusiasm will rub off on you too. Did you know that there are some doggies that go through their entire life with only one collar? I can understand that maybe boys don’t want to be bothered with choosing which collar to wear every day, but I think even boys need at least two.  Girls should have a minimum of two, one for walks and one for best.. but when it comes to walking, there are summer walks, winter walks, muddy walks, beach walks – all of which could do with a different collar. Then there are hobbies, for example, we do geocaching and for that I wear a camouflage collar. Anyway, I’ll stop woofing now as I have to get back to work…

Alpinist : Platinum - just right for a day at the office!

but I’ll leave you with this little slideshow. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know which one you like best!

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~ by Teagan on December 7, 2011.

5 Responses to “Imelda models Collars by Rogz”

  1. I like the Platinum for Mica it would compliment her black hair like yours,
    Lexie.. hmmm I’m not really sure have
    to think about that :-/

    • I think the orange or purple would look good, or maybe in a bright red or the green. It’s always hard to decide… goodness me, it’s going to take me ages in the mornings to decide what to wear!

  2. Cool collars. I like the Neon Chrome!

    • Wow you are quite a big pup aren’t you… I reckon the Neon Chrome would look super because the paw prints would be big on a large size collar… super cool.

  3. I very much like the reflective orange one! How did you get them to send you sooooo many? Did you make the slideshow on your mac and then send them to Picasa or just do it all in Picasa?

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