The Quarry

The Quarry is up for auction on Thursday 15th! You can read all about it HERE. It has a guide price of only £10,000 so it’s an absolute bargain! We walk past it whenever we do our walks at Turners Puddle. It’s fenced off with barbed wire so we don’t walk in it but we can look down into the big pond. Lots and lots of people have been coming up to ‘view’ so we thought we’d see what they’ve all been looking at and took a walk down to the bottom to take some photos.

We usually walk along the path at the top of the hill.

There is no access for vehicles so you have to walk to it.. there are lots of huge sand hills and there are also some old buildings that have fallen down.

In need of a little renovation

I don’t think you’d be allowed to live there though but it would be great if you could, imagine living in the middle of your own little piece of nature. It’s a designated SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) so you can’t actually do a lot with it apart from walking round it and looking at it and taking care of it.

It's all very beautiful

It has a big pond and another small pond with a kind of sand bridge between them. The water looks lovely and inviting. Hmmm mum had me on the lead because she didn’t want me doing zoomies up and down the sand dunes because there were some very steep slopes.

It's a long way down.

Mum didn’t want to slide down the steep sandy slope so we walked along the pathway around the edge.. and I could almost smell the fresh water in the pond and I couldn’t wait to get in it!

The pond looks very inviting

It was a quick walk around the top of the sand dunes and then we were down at the waters edge and I was in.

Oooh this is heavenly!

It would be great if this was all mine… my very own pond to swim in.

One last look across the water

But it was time to leave the quarry and carry on our walk.

Goodbye Quarry

So we retraced our steps and said goodbye. The auction is on Thursday 15th December… I wonder who will buy it.


Edit: The quarry sold for £41,000.


~ by Teagan on December 9, 2011.

10 Responses to “The Quarry”

  1. I love your story, and we wish we had been there with you both to explore the area- we love wild places, and you never know what you might find. Do you think there are some newts lizards and dragonflies there, bet there many exciting plants.

    Oooh I wish I had enough money to buy it, because I would if I could!

    Your Mum has shown us all how pretty it is there, I wonder who will buy it.
    Love from
    Jack spaniel and True_Belle xx

  2. It is a beautiful place and as a designated SSSI will remain protected – could be some endangered lizards or frogs or unique flowers there. I am pleased you are able to enjoy it. Let’s hope the new owner will allow access.

    • I’m not sure if we will be allowed in after its sold because it’s quite dangerous and there are lots of places to slip & fall so I expect they will keep it fenced off to keep us out.

  3. It’s a beautiful pond, Lexie & Mica would have loved to share the last swim with you. It would be a really great pond for you. Looks like a neat place to explore too.

  4. Wow can you imagine your very own pond! I wish I had something like that ! Amazing swimming.

    I wonder if it will be brought? Keep us posted.

  5. I haz counted up my munee and I dussnt ave enuff to buy it for you Teagan but you kno that I would if I could. Woof

  6. looks like you had great fun! looks like a beautiful area. 🙂

  7. […] had a lot of trees and gorse cleared off it but doesn’t look like much goes on there. HERE you can see what it used to be […]

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