Nearly Christmas!!

If it wasn’t nearly Christmas I think I’d have gone bonkers by now. Just over a week ago I had to go to the vet because I had a limpy leg… couldn’t put any weight on it at all. Anyway, he gave me an injection and some stuff to take home to go on my food, to stop it hurting, and said that I wasn’t to go on walks for 7 whole days. Can you imagine that… seven days without a proper walk, that’s like a month in dog days. So, I’ve been spending more time than usual in my EcoDrop bed.

Feeling very small & frail

BOL I don’t think frail is a word that would be used to describe me. I was just doing compact sleeping. Mostly I stretch out and just keep an eye on what’s going on around me.

You want something?

As I was saying, it’s almost Christmas time so there have been lots of things going on at home… mostly cleaning and some weird sort of decorating, putting lights and sparkly bits and teddies wearing Santa hats, all around the house. The Christmas tree has been put in the conservatory this year and my duvet is next to it. Hmmm smells clean too.

Why does my bed smell fresh & clean?

It’s not all been sleeping though, I have been allowed across the road into the field just for a sedate walk. Hang on, sedate… Teagan… er, I don’t think so, those words just don’t go together. I have to check out my personal lake and see if it’s filling up with water yet.

Only a couple of inches of water so far..

The bullocks haven’t been in the field for ages now so hopefully when it does fill up the water will be nice and clean without them stomping around and dropping their huge great cow pats in it. Anyway, about 15 minutes is my lot and then it’s back to the house for a bit more rest and relaxation. I find that having a good selection of toys helps to keep the boredom at bay.

Having a giggle with friends!

I’ve been making regular trips to my toy trug and taking out another toy every time… I’m actually just having a sneaky peek and a sniff at the parcels under the tree.

I'm only looking in my toy trug...

When no one is looking I have a sneaky sniff at the boxes… the gold one is definitely one for me, I can smell food…

Smells like dog treats.. nom nom

So, with it being nearly Christmas, Daddy finished work early today and is going to be home for a whole 10 days! When I heard that I just went completely bonkers… 10 days with daddy at home! He also brought some presents with him.. they’re in big boxes and they’re for me!! Well, maybe one is for mummy, but I think they’re mostly for me. I’m finding it all a bit stressful, all these parcels, full of things that I’m not allowed to unwrap yet. I know I can’t stay next to them all the time but I’m trying to guard them as much as I can.

Can you see where I am?

I bet you can’t see me… I’m hiding behind the table. See me? I think the eyes are a bit of a giveaway. The parcels in front of me are from me to my granny.. she’s coming to stay on Christmas Day so we have her presents under our tree. Daddy thought a night at the pub might take my mind off things, so we went up to the pub tonight… and what fun we had! Alfie and Atticus were there… they are usually in there early evening and are very well behaved… and then Barney walked in too! I haven’t seen Barney for ages and ages.

Barney and Atticus... or is it Alfie

Alfie and Atticus are brothers and I have trouble telling them apart. I think that’s Atticus in the picture. It was fun seeing them all but we only stayed for an hour and a bit and then it was time to go home…

The biggest display in the village!

We walk past this house with lots of lights on it… and a Santa that sings when you walk by!

So, not long now until Christmas Day! Only 2 more sleeps!! I hope all my friends have a Merry Christmas….


~ by Teagan on December 23, 2011.

8 Responses to “Nearly Christmas!!”

  1. Love your blog! Merry Christmas my friend! x

  2. Happy Crissmuss Teagan. I sympaffize about not gettin long walks. I ave to restrict my walks now cos of my poorly heart. I fink you is gonna ave a great day tomorrow with all those presents. I fink mebbe dad should give you an extra one for guardin em all so nicely. Woof

  3. Lexie is still on medicine and short walks for her leg too, they both check out our tree everyday. Have a Merry Christmas xxxx
    Lexie & Mica

  4. You will feel better very soon, then we will be able to splash around in the puddles together and sniff those pheasants out.

    I expect you are waiting to undo your present, one more sleep to go.

    Christmas dinner – can’t you smell it already?

    Happy yum yums Teagan xxxx Wuffs from Jack.

  5. Wishing you a very happy Christmas Teagan. Fantastic photos! xx

  6. Hi Teagan, just catching up after being away for Christmas. How’s your limpy leg? Are you getting out for walks now?

    Hope you had a good Christmas with lots of presents!

  7. Hope you are feeling better in this new year, Teegan.

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