The Walk… on video

Well, we’ve done our new walk a couple more times now… it’s a bit difficult keeping to the footpath because it doesn’t really get a lot of use so it’s hard to see. The first time we did it we found a couple of great trees to hide geocaches but we haven’t found them again since then… I’m sure dad will help us find them!

Anyway, here is a little bit of me and mum walking in the woods… watch out for the bit where she isn’t paying attention and one foot gets sucked down into the boggy stuff! Sometimes I really do wish I had one of those doggy cams so you could see some of these slips and trips she does, tee hee.

And just for fun, this is another bit of our old walk that we do once or twice a week… it’s a big hole in the woods that fills up with water in the winter and as soon as I get near it I look back at mum then I run ahead to jump in. Afterwards I go bonkers and run round and round in circles.

That’s it for now… but watch out, I think I may be sneaking in a back dated Christmas bloggy just to confuse everyone! But don’t hold your breath.


~ by Teagan on January 21, 2012.

5 Responses to “The Walk… on video”

  1. Love that pool and your zoomies! I want a pool like that on MY walks… 🙂

  2. Ello T. My new favrit game is chasin spaniels chasin other things. You is so fast it get me all excited and i can’t elp but run as well

    • Oh dear Marley, I thought you was under vet’s orders to take things easy. I is going to feel guilty now. I did real bonkers zoomies today with a Springador, I do hope you weren’t watching because we ran really really fast!

  3. love a good walk and some geocaching. 🙂 or munzeeing.

  4. Fabulous videos of you Teagan. I confess I did BOL at the “bog” bit, sort of thing my humum would do as well. Particularly enjoyed the post water hole beserkshuns and watched with much enviousness as my humans seem to think getting me getting wet is not a good thing (wrong on so many levels!).

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