Remembering Christmas 2011

Yes I know, I should have started 2012 with a new PA but I’ve just been too busy to do anything about finding one. Besides, the one I have isn’t too bad when she gets going. Anyway, where was I? Ah, about to remember the Christmas that has just gone by… and then we can start thinking about the Christmas that’s only 332 sleeps away!!

Christmas this year started with a present in bed! I opened my special Christmas bag from my special Auntie Susie. Mmmm cheesy treats – always taste better in the morning!

Morning treats

The big box was for mummy, it was a red dressing gown with reindeer on it, very cosy indeed!

Me and my Bottle Santa toy from Dougals Den

See? It’s mine, I have my paw on it which means you mustn’t touch it. BOL later on in the day I took it outside and buried it in a flower tub! That’s what I do with things I like. Thank you Dougals Den, I love my prize!

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, daddy was cooking the lunch and also going to collect granny so mummy and I went for a walk on our own. We just did our regular short walk which meant that we went right past my favourite puddle. Well, mum went past it by walking on the bank. Me? Well, I’m sure you know exactly what I did but here’s the photographic evidence just to prove it.

In a previous life I was a hippopotamus

Just what mum wanted me to do on Christmas day when granny was due to be arriving at our house.. so I had to have a bath when we got back home and dried off so I was all clean and sweet smelling and looking more like the sweet little pup in the portrait that I gave granny!

Granny holding the portrait of me!!

She loves it and has got it on the wall in her bedroom now, so she can lie in bed and gaze at me. It’s a pencil drawing and was done by Tracy Collins at Portrait Memories – it’s the second one she’s done of me. She’s a very clever lady and loves doggies.

The important bit of Christmas day was next… the food bit! Daddy cooked turkey and beef and lots of vegetables and yorkshire puddings. I had a really really posh extra special bowl to eat my dinner in and I had a little bit of everything, totally nommy!

Waiting for my dinner to be served!

That’s my bowl on the table! Mummy only tweeted a link about it to daddy as a joke and he went and bought it for me! I also had a posh chair cover from Orvis that mum got me in one of their sales. This is me sitting on it – I’m sharing it with granny, it’s so nice that she put it over her knees to keep warm.

Sitting on my chair cover nomming my Stag Bar

You can also see my new collar – it’s got my geocaching name on it ‘Teagan The Geodog’ and my trackable reference. Lovely isn’t it! I really needed a new collar, didn’t I? But this one is just to wear when I’m in Geodog mode.

On Boxing Day granny went home again in the morning and then at eleven o’clock we had a whole lot more visitors! First it was my friend Bear and his mummy and daddy and then his daddy’s brother and his family arrived too!

Me kissing Bear!

And then it was time for a walk! Uncle Neal, from next door, and my pals Tom and James came too as well as their granny & gramps! So that was 13 people and 2 dogs… quite a large group. We took them on my geocache route, TR’s Trail, a nice 6 mile walk.

Heading off up East Street

Bear and I were having a grand time, he may be cute white and very cuddly, but he doesn’t mind a bit of mud, though he’s not fond of walking through puddles like I do.

How does he stay so white?

This is us having a catch up just before we started walking up the path into Coll Wood. With so many of us we were straggling a long way and we didn’t want to lose anybody!

Looking at the view

We walked all the way up and through the wood but decided not to do the extra mile to go through Rendezvous Plantation because one of the girls was wearing new wellies and we also didn’t want to wear out Tom and James’ granny and gramps. Here we are striding out along the field by Combs Ditch.

Walking alongside Combs Ditch

We’d done about 4 miles by now and we were getting even further apart so we had to wait for the slow pokes at the back to catch up.

Bear waiting for the stragglers

And here we all are having another catch-up back down at the wood near the farm… almost home and we can almost smell the food!

Almost home and we haven't lost anyone!

Well, we were all absolutely starving so we hadn’t been home long before we had some food. Bear and I had my special Christmas Game Mix from Barf Pet Foods with some of my nommy alfalfa biscuits with a drizzle of salmon oil. The humans all had chilli – there was regular and vegetarian – and then there was either cheesecake or tiramisu for pudding and everyone chose cheesecake!

Bear and I were on duty under the table, catching crumbs

Tee hee, I knew my Aunty Helen would be pleased about that , she’s very fond of a bit of tiramisu and I’m quite partial to licking the bowls afterwards. Everyone sat round the table for ages and then Bear’s Uncle Simon and Auntie Claire and the girls had to go home so we said goodbye to them.

Bear was feeling quite sleepy by now and was falling asleep in his mum’s arms.

Rock a bye Bearby

After everyone had gone home I curled up on my duvet in the conservatory and had dreams about my exciting day.

Zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzz

they all had to leave to go home again so I had to say goodbye to Bear and everyone else except Uncle Neal and Aunty Helen who stayed for a while.


~ by Teagan on January 28, 2012.

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  1. Looks like you a fab Xmas with plenty of god noms. Very busy though no wonder you were pooped! I live granny’s portrait!

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