Geocaching at Lockyer’s Hill

We haven’t been out geocaching since the 2nd January… mostly because daddy has been terribly busy with work, which is really not good enough. I’m a daddy’s girl and I need to have my daddy/daughter bonding time! Anyway, today we went out to do a multi-cache in Wareham Forest called Lockyer’s Hill. It’s not very far from home so we were soon at the parking spot and ready to set off. The Forestry Commission men are going to be harvesting trees soon so that will mean lots of big machines with big wheels making a big mess.

No venturing off the footpaths 😦

It was quite a chilly day but we’ve not had a lot of rain so the footpaths were all quite good.. not too much mud at all.

I see piles of logs in the distance...

We saw a few people out walking with dogs and some were on bicycles. That’s why we don’t often come walking in the forest, because there are always lots of cyclists.

Cyclists with a Springer & another doggy

We’d worked out the final coordinates to find the cache and were off on the trail along nice big paths, a bit muddy but it was nice firm sandy mud, not squelchy stuff.

Big trucks have been along here

We didn’t have far to go before we’d got to GZ and dad had soon spotted the cache on the opposite side of the track to where mum was looking. It was a nice big container with some goodies in it but we just added one of my ‘Found It’ stickers to the log book and left the Cake for Tea trackable that we’d picked up yesterday from my TR’s Rendezvous cache. It’s not a busy cache and the poor thing had been lurking there since November and we thought it would like a change of scenery.

Cake for Tea

So, after doing that we had a look at the ‘interesting’ sights at this spot – it was a good cache with a little potted history in the lid for us to read.

We have lots of barrows around here

And here is me sitting on top of Yon Barrow!!

I'm the King of the Castle....

And here is me looking down at the view..

It's a long way down

So, with the geocaching done we set off to finish our walk along the footpath that runs around the edge of the trees. We saw some cows in a field and stopped to say hello to them.


In the distance is Black Hill which is where we usually walk. The footpath was a nice green track with lots of interesting smells.

Hurry up, there's a good sniff here

We also walked along some tracks that went through the woods, they were a bit more muddy and a bit prickly under-paw where gorse bits had dropped off. I’m quite hairy at the moment and suffer a lot from burrs and prickly things getting stuck in my fur.

I wonder what's over the hill

Well, that was about the end of that walk… our 179th geocache, which is a rather odd and annoying number, so I reckon we might put a spurt on and try to get to 200!! You never know we might even get to 250 by the end of the year!

And, just in case you’re interested, this is my 300th blog post and it has 625 words!


~ by Teagan on January 29, 2012.

5 Responses to “Geocaching at Lockyer’s Hill”

  1. Thank you Teagan that was a really nice walk, with new scenery, cows, and History. I’m not very good with History but I enjoying reading it very much. You mentioned it, but i was going to tell you that your hair was longer than usual and i thought it looked very pretty.

    • We like history too, but sometimes it’s hard to remember all that information and sometimes things don’t look at all like you’re expecting. Like a castle that’s just a lump in the ground.
      I would love to grow my hair long but I do suffer from burrs and undergrowth attaching themselves to me which I find intensely annoying. I’m sure your Mica and Lexie will know the feeling when a piece of something is stuck in an armpit.
      Now that the typist has mastered the Mac and making the pictures smaller hopefully I will get my blog done more frequently.
      See you again soon.

  2. fun! we did some geocaching and munzees yesterday. it was nice here and it was great to get out and about. 🙂

  3. Excellent work moving the trackable on! Where is our Xmas geo collar though? Looks like a good zoomzies walk!

    • I think I was wearing my Geodog collar… but at the moment I am really hairy and have curly hair round my neck so it’s a bit difficult to see what collar I’m wearing. As soon as I’ve been to see Hilary it will be easier to see them. BOL my feet look enormous with hairy toes!!

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