Food, food, glorious food….

Nothing quite like it for filling the tummy!!

If you’re a regular reader or a twitter friend you will know that I’m a BARF dog. I love my raw food and most especially I love tripe. Almost a year ago I found Barf Pet Foods and wrote about them in this blog post. They had sent me a delicious sample pack of their dog treats along with some information about all the frozen raw foods that they supply. Well, since then my meals have never been the same… I always did love my food, and the tripe I was getting was good, but this is even better.

But why am I wasting time writing about it when what you really want is pictures!! Well, actually what you really want is the real thing, right in front of you, in your bowl… but I can’t manage that, so pictures will have to do for now!

Meat Mix

This is the meat mix which I give a 10/10. Here I am having it served with some chopped green veg and some of my Rinti Green mixer biscuits – they’re alfalfa and very delicious. In fact they’re so delicious I even get them as treats when we’re out on walks.

Doing the taste test

At Christmas I was given a shiny new bowl… I think it should have come with a matching butler, with a white tea towel draped over one arm, but it didn’t. Isn’t this posh?

Dinner is served

If you’d like one too you can get one from Marks and Spencer. An even better picture of it is here

Game Mix

Isn’t that better? A food bowl should always be full… I think this is the Game Mix, again with chopped veg and Rinti Green, not forgetting a drizzle of Salmon Oil and a sprinkling of ground bone meal. Now, would you like to see something amazing? It amuses mum and dad to make me wait for my dinner so I do it to please them, besides, I know I always get to eat it after a short wait.

Waiting patiently for the 'word'

I was pleased to find out that some of my twitter friends have to do this too. Apparently it teaches us self control and patience. As soon as I’m given the word there’s no stopping me. I clear the plate and then lick all around the edges, and check that I haven’t flicked any onto the mat, then lick the bowl again and re-check the outside of the bowl. If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

[vimeo 35852095]

~ by Teagan on January 30, 2012.

5 Responses to “Food, food, glorious food….”

  1. That must be tasty noms my pal judging by ow you is lick in that bowl. Mebbe we has to investigate some raw foods for a change. We never tried it before…

    • I think every dog should at least try it… you don’t know what you’re missing out on! The man from Barf is very nice and friendly.

  2. Wow, that does look good, but I am not allowed food other than Chappie (very very low fat) just now. I do like it though, so that’s ok. I do the same as you: sit and wait for the word (“OK” in my case) and then I do a thorough job of licking the bowl and cleaning it in the hope of seconds…!

  3. Ooooo it is no my isn’t it! I’ve just had some game mix now! Last of my packs though – I have had to have a bit now and then as a special treat. Hope mum gets me some more soon!

  4. Btw love hw you go to your cupboard asking for more! BOL

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