Odd Things We See

On our walks we sometimes see odd things. Things that look out of place, or things that aren’t nice, or things that are just plain odd. This afternoon we saw this badger in White Lane.

An Ex-Badger 😦

I wonder why he/she died… it’s always very sad seeing a dead badger. But there was no time to get all sentimental and upset because a little further down the lane I could smell critters… it was a good strong smell and I just had to dig. And dig. And dig.

Digging a Class 1 hole

Mum told me that she saw three mice run out and up into the tree but I don’t believe her, I’m sure they couldn’t have slipped my eagle eye. Well, maybe one could, or perhaps two, but surely not three? Am I that unobservant?

[vimeo 35904331]

At the end of White Lane I got the smell of something even better… meat!! I couldn’t believe my nose, there in front of me was a leg and then a carcass. Unfortunately we were almost by the road and mum had put me on my lead again so she rather unceremoniously hauled me away from it. She says I mustn’t be tempted by meat out in the wild.

Carcass... who ate the meat and left the bones?

It looked like a very big chicken or maybe a big duck. Hopefully Mr Fox will have come along and finished it off by the time we next walk that way. We walked up past Muston Farm and then along behind Muston Manor and what did we see stuck on the kissing gate? A croc!! No, not a crocodile, just a very tired looking croc.

A very sad Croc

I wonder how someone managed to lose one shoe.

Usually at the other side of this field I have to go back on the lead because we walk through a sheep field. But today, something was missing.

Who stole the sheep?

No sheep! I wonder where all the sheep have gone. Perhaps they’ve gone indoors to a nice warm barn to have their lambs. It was good to be able to run in the field without worrying about the sheep.

When we got to the farm track we could see a lady and a dog up ahead of us but they weren’t walking as fast as us so by the time we got to the crossroads to turn back to the village we had caught them up.

Racing Cadbury the springador

Her mum said she was 6 years old and was a labrador crossed with a springer spaniel. That’s a springador, though I rather like the name labradinger. She looked like a labrador but had the bounce and speed of a springer. We had a great time racing round and round in circles, taking it in turns to chase each other.

Catching our breath

They turned round to walk back the way they’d come so we had to say goodbye and go our separate ways. We didn’t actually see anything else really odd on today’s walk but we did see a glove that has been stuck on a fence for well over a year. I don’t think its owner is going to reclaim it now as I think it’s starting to decompose.

Have you lost a grey Thinsulate glove?

It’s always interesting seeing odd things on walks.


~ by Teagan on January 31, 2012.

5 Responses to “Odd Things We See”

  1. Mmmm, you do see lots of things on your walks, I’m very impressed! We had a boring walk in teh park today cos I have a poorly tummy (again), have had to skip breakfast and I’m not allowed to go scavenging for meat or cheese or bread or even rabbit droppings!

  2. it’s the best part of a walk! seeing weird things. 🙂 or geocaching. he, he. sounds like a fun walk for you!

  3. I like finding weird things on my walk too. I love that name labradinger – it’s perfect! woowoowoo

  4. What a fabulous walk!! It’s always sad to see something dead, sometimes we see a dead deer & the dogs get upset we like deer. So many neat smells, a terrific hole you we digging so fast I’m surprised you didn’t catch them!!? And then a play with a new friend everything in one walk 🙂 I bet you are ready for a quick nap.
    Lexie & Mica’s Mom

  5. My goodness don’t your ears get messy digging! A springador? Bonkers!! must be just bonkers!!!!

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