The Winterborne

What is the Winterborne?

The River Winterborne

It’s the River Winterborne and unfortunately we have the ‘Drier Winterborne’ here in our village. This year it hasn’t started flowing at all so it really is dry this year. Last week we did one of our usual walks up across the fields and along past the kennels. It was pretty blowy but a great day for digging.

Something is down there

Anyway, after we’d walked through the horse field we decided to walk up past the sheep to see if there were many lambs about. There were lots of them! Some were quite big and others were quite small… and they were all quite inquisitive but still kind of shy.

What a cute pair of lambs!

And here are lots more of them… check out the one on the left with the big bunny ears, and the one at the back with the curly tail. All very cute indeed.

Spring lambs

After saying hello to the lambs we walked along the footpath that runs up to the Greyhound Inn and alongside the Winterborne. Last year there was lots of water in it and it’s even been known to flood when it gets so full that the water decides to take its own path and run down the road. But this year it’s bone dry.

In the river bed

It was so dry we could have walked under the bridge. In fact here is someone who had walked under the bridge.

It's a stray chicken!

As we walked past the pub I got all excited because I thought we were going in but mum said no and dragged me across the road to take me home. She said that I could go with daddy at the weekend. This is another bit of the Winterborne that we walk past. I’ve been paddling in here lots of times, but not this year. You can see the pub just across the road… so near yet so far…

Just a bit of mud 😦

Yes, it does look a bit damp doesn’t it, but they’ve been building a new house and they have some new fangled type of septic tank that cleans and filters everything and lets out clean water. There’s a big new pipe at the end where there isn’t any grass and I think they’ve probably been flushing water through as it’s only wet in that one bit.

Anyway, I bet you really wanted to know that didn’t you?


~ by Teagan on February 1, 2012.

5 Responses to “The Winterborne”

  1. Oh, this makes me miss living in Germany – we had sheep all over the dike across the street from us and we could walk through them…that was so great! Your walk looks like a ton of dog fun!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog Emma. Sheep are nice, I’m not a sheep chaser but they’re silly things sometimes and run when they see you coming.

  2. Wow poor river how will you swim???

  3. Well you did get to dig and the lambs were very very cute. I’m sorry there wasn’t any water for a swim though the bridge was very pretty. Since we have had lots of rain our creek has water to swim but we still haven’t down there:(

  4. Thank you for sharing your wonderful walk. Beautiful countryside!

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