Gaunts Common Circular Walk

Today we drove over to Gaunts Common to do a new walk. Unfortunately there weren’t any new geocaches on the route, only 3 that we had already done, so no exciting caches to find. We parked up on the road going through the village, mum and dad put their wellies on and then we set off up the footpath, over a stile and then across a field.

The going was 'soft'

We were heading over to the corner of the field and my goodness, it got slightly more muddy there!!

A tired looking stile

And then we were in amongst some trees – no sign of any pheasants or squirrels though, which was a little disappointing.

A nice little wood

I bet this will look really pretty in the spring when the snowdrops come out. We were soon out of the wood and back into a field.

There are lots of horses around here

They’re very lucky living in such nice fields with lovely views. There was a nice bench for weary walkers to sit and rest a while.

Jim Singleton 18-5-56 - 28-5-04

It was a bit chilly to sit down but on a nice summer day it will be lovely. Poor Jim was very young when he died, it’s nice to have a bench to be remembered by.

Looking down towards Hinton Martell

We weren’t walking down the path to Hinton Martell, we were going to come out at a path in Uppington, just a little way up the road, but first we had some scary stiles to negotiate!

Dog Guillotine No 1

These are a bit worrying, you have to trust a human to hold up the piece of wood and not drop it on you!! We walked along past some more horses that were friendly and came to say hello to us.

More horses

Hello Horse

Oh dear, here goes for Guillotine No 2

Don't drop it daddy

After this stile we went down a steep slope to a little road and then we climbed up the other side and walked up along past yet more horses. And then we met this little pony who came running over to us.

I think he thinks we're someone else!

Poor thing looked quite disappointed as we didn’t have anything for him.

I ran up here all for nothing?

Before long we were walking along a nice little footpath that was a bit muddy and looked like it would get quite overgrown in the summer.

Still no pheasants..

Hey, a bridge… I hope we find a stream soon so that I can have a paddle.

No water in this stream today

Now we were walking over the hill which would bring us out at Chalbury Church but we stopped to look at the view.

You can click & make this one bigger

This is looking down towards Badbury Rings. Then it wasn’t long before we got to the Church at Chalbury.

Chalbury Church

Well, I thought I’d done a blog about our geocaching adventure here but I can’t find it so maybe I didn’t, let me know if you find it! From here we walked across the road at Chalbury and into another footpath. There were some lovely views along here – looking up to Horton Tower, the folly.

Horton Tower in the distance

But to get there we had to walk through some woods

There must be a pheasant here somewhere...

And then we were back in a field

Another stile, no guillotine this time

And then we were on our way up to Horton Tower! If you follow my blips then you might remember that I blipped a photo of it back in July last year

At least we get a good mobile phone signal here!

It’s got lots of mobile phone masts on it and we’d really like to be able to go in and have a nose around. By this time we had walked about three miles and only had about another mile to go so we took the path through Queens Copse.

It was a bit muddy and still no pheasants

Maybe they’re staying away because of the falling trees.

No critters here...

And then we were out of Queen’s Copse

The Queen was obviously not in her copse today

and on our way to another bit of woodland that was a lot muddier.

I think this is the right way

Oh look, another bridge!! Let’s hope there’s some water underneath it.

Bridge over running water!!

BOL you didn’t think I’d just walk over the bridge did you? No, of course not… I went for a paddle.

It was cold but I still went in.

We continued on walking through the woods for a little while and then we were out of the woods and on our way back to the road where we’d parked the car.

Holt Wood.. no horses allowed!

No horses = nice footpaths. Sorry horses, but you do make a horrible mess of the footpaths with your great big feet.

This walk took us 1 hour and 54 minutes and it was 4.13 miles long. We were walking quite slowly because it was muddy and we also stopped a lot to take photos and look at the view. You can see the route we took here 

We’re recording all our walks on Endomondo… so far we’ve walked 74.33 miles on 21 walks and if we’d done them all at once we would have walked for a total of one day four hours and two minutes! We don’t use it for all our walks, just some of them. Sometimes we do just small walks and we forget and other times the iPhone isn’t charged up enough to do the GPS but we do our best to record at least one walk a day.


~ by Teagan on February 12, 2012.

9 Responses to “Gaunts Common Circular Walk”

  1. I love that every place you walk has a name, we don’t have names just creek, woods no matter how far we go. What are the deadly stiles for? I’m really glad you found some water to run in & wash off. I love to see the horses; Mica & Lexie were born where the lady also has horses. When we visit, the horses have seen so many Newfs they ignore us 😦

    • Eeek I just found your comment in the spam section, the wordpress gadget decided you were spam? How weird, you’ve been commenting for ages and nothing was different about this comment!
      Yes everywhere has a name, all the villages and hamlets and all the woods have names too, even little tiny ones, and all the streams and rivers too. We’ve seen some tiny horses that are probably the same size as Mica and Lexie!!! Such cute wee things they are.

  2. Woofs Teagan, lovely muddy you, but oh dear you are in real rambler, scrambler, biker, pony trotting territory.

    Those stiles are really frightening looking things- will they keep the deer away too?

    Mummy and Daddy will love their geocaching but you do need the smell of pheasants and a few partridge to sniff away at. You are a proper rural countryside cocker spaniel, not a greenbelt cocker spaniel!!

    Jack spaniel will enjoy a walkie with you soon .


    True Belle and Jack spaniel xx

  3. Another great walk, Teagan 🙂

    I’ve never seen a Dog Guillotine – they look a little scary to me… On my walk yesterday, I had to be lifted over a couple of high fences – that was a bit scary too, cos I thought they were going to drop me!

  4. BOL never thought of them as Dog Guillotines before! Aboooooooooooo for the lack of critters and caches though 😦 Gl;ad you finally found some water.

  5. Teagan, I have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award

  6. Teagan, I have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award!

  7. Ok Teagan, here’s my last try to get it right??

  8. […] us. We reckon they do it about every 2 years. It was clear in 2012 when we walked this way on a Gaunts Common Circular Walk  and it’s been done only once before since we moved […]

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