Where’s Wally?

Where’s Wally? I think that should be “Where’s daddy?” He’s been gone since silly o’clock on Friday morning. Mummy says he has gone off in a big plane and won’t be back until next Sunday, so me and mum are on our own because he’s gone away to race a big boat in a race.

Is that a trail from daddy's plane?

This is the boat he’ll be sailing in – click here to see Windrose of Amsterdam It’s big – 151.9 feet long which is enormous! It’s also very posh, I don’t think I’d be allowed on board with my muddy paws. It’s a 600 mile race in the Caribbean so he’s going to be sailing for days and days.

Anyway, yesterday we went to the office … well, I had a little bit of paperwork to catch up on…

Keeping Auntie Susie's chair warm

and Auntie Susie has a “Where’s Wally” chart on the wall. You can see it behind me in the picture up there but a bigger picture is here so you can see the race route and Susie will be moving the blue boat to show where he is every day.

The "Where's Wally" Map

We’re going to be glued to the RORC Caribbean 600 Race website to see how they’re getting on – the race starts tomorrow and all the boats will have special tracking beacons on them so that we can see them on a map, well, not the boats, but little dots. One dot for each boat. If you want to watch the little dots too then THIS IS THE LINK to the tracking gadget.

So please keep your paws crossed for Windrose of Amsterdam.

Until he gets home next Sunday I’m going to be checking over my shoulder to see if he’s behind me…. even though mum has explained it all to me, I really don’t understand. Probably because I’m a dog.

Miss you Daddy

~ by Teagan on February 19, 2012.

10 Responses to “Where’s Wally?”

  1. Too bad you couldn’t go along…sounds like some swimming opportunities but then again boats aren’t the best place for us dogs. Enjoy your alone time with mommy!

  2. Will be tracking Wally with you!! Love you and Mum. XXX

  3. 600 miles sounds like a long time on the boat Teagan, no long walks nothing to sniff, no pheasants to flush. I don’t know I think it’s more fun at home. I know it is better when Dad’s home too

  4. Wow, your dad is going on a great adventure! I hope he has his camera with him!

    • It’s a huge adventure and dad is hoping that someone else on the boat will have a big posh camera… He’s got his iPhone though just in case 🙂

  5. What a lovely boat! I liked the look of the comfy bed to jump up on 🙂 But I still prefer dry land, with lovely smells to sniff and squirrels & balls to chase…!

  6. Oh poor Teagan – fancy Daddy being away – especially with you being a Daddy’s girl and all! I hate it when the humans interrupt my routine even for a day let alone a week or more!

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