Field Grove

Today was a good day! Daddy came home!! Yes, daddy has been away for almost 10 days… if you read my “Where’s Wally” post last week you’ll know that he’s been away in Antigua sailing in the RORC Caribbean 600 race. This is the boat he was sailing on…

Windrose of Amsterdam

He got home at about half past eleven and I was totally not expecting to hear the kitchen door open… gosh, I was just so excited I could hardly contain myself!!

So excited I got the devil eyes!!

Well, we spent ages saying hello and then daddy had several mugs of tea. He’s been up for a long time and was ready for bed but we decided to go out and do a walk as it was such a lovely sunny day and he hasn’t been out for a walk with me for over 2 weeks now. Mum found us a geocache that was located in a small wood called Field Grove, just north of Winterborne Stickland. We came to do this once before last year when the corn was high but it was raining and we decided we’d get too wet walking across the field… as it’s a long walk to get to the woods.

It's an enormous field to walk across

Most of the field is like this but when we got to the top of the hill we discovered that the top bit of the field has been ploughed. We were lucky that it was warm and dry out as it wouldn’t have been nice on a wet rainy day. The views were lovely but don’t really come out very well on mum’s little camera.

We could see for miles

When we got to the ploughed bit of the field it was just crying out for me to dig a hole… there must have been hundreds of critters living underground.

I love digging

It was a long walk across the field to the gate up by the woods.

Can you see the gate?

Ah, we’re getting closer now and the gate is in sight.

The gate into Field Grove woods

Once we got through the gate we turned left to follow the route to find the geocache. It wasn’t long before we got to the spot where the cache was hidden. But we couldn’t find it anywhere… but we did find a piece of green tarpaulin fabric hidden under some bark pieces, the sort of thing that people use to wrap their tupperware containers in to disguise them. So, had the cache been muggled? We think it had.

But where's the Tupperware container?

The clue was quite specific and should have made the cache easy to find.. also the person who came last week to find it also came up with the same result as us. Before that it was last found in October, absolutely ages ago, and the cachers who set the cache haven’t even logged on to for over 2 years and 7 of their 9 caches have a need maintenance flag. It was a lovely spot with this lovely little memorial set in a little clearing.

In memory of John Frederick Woodward Allen who died in 1940

If you’d like to read the inscriptions this next picture is a clicky one that will get bigger.

Click to read the inscriptions

It was a nice clearing and a little hedge had been planted on either side of the entrance.

I'll just dig one quick hole...

So, with a DNF logged, we were off to finish our circular walk of Field Grove wood.

This is where we saw the caravans & ferocious dogs

Like I said before, we came across a bunch of travellers caravans the last time we came here and it was pretty scary, but this time it was all okay. I was only about a year old when we came before and I can remember being scared of all the big dogs on chains… and it was really weird because we didn’t see a single human bean but it felt like they were watching us. It looks like they won’t be able to get in again..

Nice big rocks and a big gate

In this next picture on the right you can just see a bit of Field Grove House – it’s rather huge and very posh.. must have been pretty horrid for them when the woods were invaded by travellers and their big ferocious dogs. Actually the dogs probably just looked ferocious because they were chained up with big chains… but I wouldn’t like to go and talk to one.

The house is up on the right but it's just a bright space...

The path carries on down to a parking spot that’s at the end of a very small dead end road and this entrance is also blocked off with big stones and yet another big gate.

Ah.. totally safe now 🙂

Just before the small car parking area we turned right and followed a path that ran along the edge of the woods and the big field that we’d walked up. The sun was shining and it was pretty warm so we stopped for a rest and I had a drink out of my travel bowl.

Ahhhh I needed that...

Not long until we were back at the gate and it was time to walk back down the ploughed field.

Mmmm there are good sniffs over here

Hang, on, where’s dad? I’m going to have to go back and find him.

Wait for us mum!

I found him, he’d stopped for a daddy tiddle… tee hee, that’s a bit like a Teagan tiddle except he does his when no one is looking. So that’s me and daddy sorted, it’s just mum that has to wait until she gets home.  But, she’ll have to wait a bit longer because we decided to do a quick geocache over at Winterborne Houghton Church. Uh oh… what’s this? Looks like someone is blocking the road.

An egret playing chicken??

Silly bird… not a good idea to play chicken with the traffic

Off he goes

And then we’re up at the Church at Winterborne Houghton… the Church looks lovely in the sun

The Church at Winterborne Houghton

The geocache here was pretty easy, up the footpath behind the Church hidden in a tree that just happened to be somewhere near a gate… a gate that was propped open with a stone. Now, what does that mean? It means that you’re supposed to go through it, doesn’t it? So.. that’s what I did. And, guess what I found? Yep, I found pheasants behind the gate so I gave chased and flushed them out of their hiding places.

But the gate's open...

Apparently this wasn’t a good idea because I got the 4 peeps on the whistle and on my return got put back on my lead. Hmmm, not a very good result.

Ah well, at least daddy is home now. I’m not going to let him go away again, I shall chew up his Musto sailing bag. I’m looking forward to a whole night of snuggling with him… which will take my mind off my appointment tomorrow morning with Hilary at 9.30am. Not looking forward to that but next time you see me I’m going to be looking a bit more like a big eared labrador than a chunky spaniel having a bad hair day.


~ by Teagan on February 26, 2012.

4 Responses to “Field Grove”

  1. I always love your blog posts, Teagan! And your pictures, are just fabulous! Glad daddy is back home. Ten days is a long time!

    Fluffs, Niqqi

    P.S. I am keeping a pile of photographs of places I’d love to run around with you when I visit you.

  2. Another fab walk for you, and you will be so pleased that your daddy’s back to go with you. I always love your walk photos [must get @HeatherAlex to take more when we are out]

    BTW, I was wondering what a DNF was…?

  3. Is great to see that dad ave made it back safe an sound my pal. I ope he had a nice time sailin.

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