A Collar for Crufts 2012

Union Jack Collar

Isn’t it beautiful? My very wonderful friend Mr Kipling sent me the new Union Jack collar that is going to be on sale this year at Crufts on the Medical Detection Dogs stall in Hall 3. You can’t buy them anywhere else so demand will be high I think… well, there are so many occasions to wear it this year what with the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee… all the best dressed pooches are going to be wearing one.

Does it look better from this side?

The collars are individually made – using woven, not printed, ribbon which is hand ironed and cut and sewn onto industrial nylon webbing for strength. They have a solid cast, rust resistant nickel D ring and a Weiner side release lock which is contoured for comfort but US Coast Guard approved for strength – a 150 pound dog could not pop it! They are also machine washable, which is good for mucky pups like me that have a tendency to attract mud.

How about a view from the back

Anyway, today I decided to wear the collar all day to give it a thorough testing. Usually I can have anything up to 3 collar changes a day.. first my morning collar, then perhaps getting changed into one of my geocaching collars and then changing into a pub collar or just an indoor collar for lounging around the house.

Comfortable for eating

The most important test… is it comfortable to wear for mealtimes – the answer is yes. The tripe went down just fine and I didn’t feel at all overdressed.

A little bit of personal grooming

After breakfast I always like to have a little rest and do my morning ablutions… well, a girl has to look her best, you never know who you’re going to bump into during the day! It was very comfortable, didn’t pinch or irritate, in fact I didn’t even feel like I was wearing a collar even though it’s a bit wider than what I’m used to wearing.

Let's try a bit of schnuffling

Out in the field this morning I tried doing a bit of my usual schnuffling… this is the lumpy field with lots of tufty bits of grass and there are always lots of rat trails and molehills. I usually spend most of my time with my nose stuck in the ground trying to dig them out. I also tried a bit of running… and found it most comfortable.

We didn’t see any deer today but I’m sure if they’d seen me they would have commented on my collar.

Looks good out in the field

I even tried a bit of jumping in it… just over the fence into the bridleway

Here I am - about to jump

And here I am on the other side… nose to the ground hot on the trail of a pheasant.

It went this way

A picture of me leaping with the collar in full view was a bit much to ask for… but I’m sure you can just fill in the middle picture where I’m sailing over the top of the wire! I was far too interested in the smells… it looked like a badger had had a bit of a kerfuffle with something as there was an awful lot of hair around.

Mr Badger lost a lot of hair

We walked all up the track and back down the lane… didn’t see a soul. Isn’t it always the way? I was hoping to bump into some of my friends to see what they thought of my collar but none of them were out so I shall have to try again tomorrow.

Smart attire for the pub

In the evening mum was meeting Aunty Lorraine and we did a couple of geocaches because it’s the 29th February and there’s a special leap year souvenir badge to collect!

The Leap Day Souvenir Badge

This is one that we did with Aunty Lorraine.. it was hidden high up in a tree so mum had to use a stick to retrieve it.

It's a horse!

Phew, what an exhausting day… but I can honestly say that I haven’t even known I’ve been wearing a collar, it’s very lightweight and extremely soft and comfortable. It didn’t hamper me in any of my activities. The only place I’m not going to wear it is in bed… I always take my collar off at night and hang it on the bed post!

Worn out after the day's testing


~ by Teagan on February 29, 2012.

9 Responses to “A Collar for Crufts 2012”

  1. The collar from Mr. Kipling looks great. The tall person especially likes it because he is English. You posted a lovely set of photos. The final picture of you all tuckered out is lovely.

    P.S. Tall person says that he also likes Mr. Kiplings cakes 🙂

    • Beautiful collar Teagan, all the British flags go really well with you newly groomed Black coat. I’m really glad it’s comfortable all the time as I have been told by Mica all of them aren’t. Great walk sleep well 🙂

      • I hope Mica is getting on ok with her new soft collar, sore necks aren’t at all fun.. I remember from when I was a pup and had to have a big lump drained. I had a big baldy patch on my throat and neck for ages until the fur grew back.

    • BOL tuckered out is one of my favourite times… I just love snoozing and snuggling. My Mr Kipling doesn’t make cakes but we do like the other Mr Kipling’s cakes too.. not that I’m allowed them.

  2. What a lovely collar Teagan, I wonder if they will do one with a Scottish flag for Twiglet.

    You do get through a lot of collars in one day 🙂 Twiglet will be jealous – she wears her red tartan one most of the time!

    • I don’t think they are doing one for this year, but maybe next year you could ask if they would do one! But I think red tartan is probably a lot nicer for a collar than the Scottish flag.

  3. I definitely need to get Stella one now I know it’s machine washable! Looks gorgeous & is on our ever-growing Crufts list. That was a fun geocache to find too, well done 🙂

  4. Not only a lovely collar but a lovely day. It is a rather special collar isn’t it – I think @callaghanmatt would very much like me to get one of those for the olympic celebration.

  5. In the middle of all this…I caught that you got your Leap Day souvenir. 🙂 go you! we got one too. good fun! someone has finally been getting my munzees. yay!

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