A perfect day… for a bog creature?

I’ve been wondering whether I’m somehow related to a Bog Creature. Maybe I could go on that television programme where they trace your ancestors – gosh, I wonder what they’d find!

The weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday and perfect for walking so we walked around my geocache circuit backwards, hoping that we might meet some geocachers, but didn’t meet any at all. Here I am at the top of the hill before we turn to the right and walk down towards Rendezvous Plantation.

A perfect day

And what else does a spaniel like on a perfect day? Mud puddles!!

Testing for depth and squidge quality

And then what do I always do when I find a puddle?

Just finished having a wee

That’s probably a little TMI, but that’s what I do, I just can’t help myself. And then I just can’t stop having a good old hoochie on down and sticking my nose underwater.

Oooh this is lovely...

Then another quick squelch through the middle to get it deep down into my paws and fur.

I give this puddle 10/10

But a girl can’t stay in the puddle all day long, so at this point, I do my ‘bog creature emerges’ impression (not that I’ve ever seen a creature emerge from a bog, but I’m sure they’d just walk out all casual like)… with my lovely slick brown legs.

It's good for the skin

Now that really was a perfect walk!!




~ by Teagan on March 2, 2012.

11 Responses to “A perfect day… for a bog creature?”

  1. Excellent Spa Treatment and better air quality than most of the Posh Mud Bath Boutiques ! You are styling now !

    • I haven’t been able to persuade mum to join me, I’m sure she would look at least 10 years younger after a treatment!!

  2. Oh man, I am jealous! That looks like so much fun and so much great dirty water and mud! You are one muddy, lucky pup!

    • We have to get the animal time machine invented soon so we can all do things together! I would love to take you to my fav puddles!!

  3. Hi Teagan, great that we have found each other, you have a lovely blog
    will be following you for sure.
    I have a blogging friend called Sage she does Muddy Mondays. http://sagechronicles.wordpress.com/
    Mom would have a fit if a got into mud!!

    Mom put those collars on her shopping list so thanks for tweeting about them, I don’t tweet that much but will keep intouch
    Have a Good Week
    See Yea George xxx

    • OMD that mud… those photos… I think Sage and I would get on together just great!! Where is that mud…. I gotta go find it, it looks excellent, like the best top quality stuff! See you again soon George.

  4. Ha ha! I often get “slick brown legs too” so maybe we are related deep in ancestry?

  5. Wonderful muddy pictures!

  6. Reminds us of the Hippopotamus song by Flanders and Swan- Mud ,mud , glorious mud-

    I wonder whether you would enjoy splashing around in the sea too –
    Have you ever been to the seaside Teagan ?

    Splish splash T

    True_Belle and Jack BNimble

  7. I quite like puddles, and espeshully drinkin out of em….but now I done see you weein in there I fink i be more caereful in da future.

  8. What a terrific walk and mud bath Teagan, i’m sure that must be good for your skin. That’s what women put on their face and body at the spa. with all the rocks on the bottom of the creek it would be really hard for us to find such a fantastic spot. Then it would be washed off by the time we got out.

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