A walk with Jack

Today we went over to Jack’s house to meet up with him and his mum and go for a walk together over at Wood Street — in Cole Wood and Highwood Wood.

The handsome Jack...

We walked through Cole Wood first and had fun sniffing out mice and other critters. Jack is more of a gun dog than I am and he’s a very busy chap, running this way and that.

Too busy to sit on a bench and look at the view

But I did take two minutes out to sit next to some of these lovely daffodils. Jack was too busy to come and sit beside me.

Pretty Daffodils

As well as pretty flowers… there were daffodils and primroses… there were lots of strange bits of trees lying around.

This one has bird seed on it

Jack’s mum told us that a lady comes and puts bird seed on the tree stumps to feed the birds.

Do you see what I see?

I think this one looks like a weird wood monster with its mouth open. I hope it doesn’t swallow up all the birds.

We were nearly at the edge of the wood and were going to cross the little lane to go over to Highwood Wood, but there was a purple crocus so of course mum thought we should sit and have our photo taken by it.

Anyone would think we weren't friends!!

I think Jack doesn’t want to step on my beau Mr Kipling’s paws, so he kept a respectable distance away!! I’m sure Mr Kipling wouldn’t be jealous though, Jack is very well behaved and is a perfect gentleman.

Even better sniffs over here...

Lots of mice live around here and it was tempting not to spend my whole time digging holes in the soft earth.

I smell pheasants and deer

I bet you’re wondering why Jack isn’t in all the photos, well, he spends a lot of time trying to find pheasants. He runs off but always comes back to his mum… he runs a long way and gets really tired out!

He came back exhausted!!

I do quite a lot of running around but not as much as Jack, I prefer to stay closer to mum… she needs me to keep an eye on her so she doesn’t get lost!

I love investigating holes in tree stumps

By now we were both quite hot and thirsty… so it was time for us to find some water.

We couldn't wait to get in!!

It was rather muddy and smelly but we had a great time jumping around and cooling off.

We both got soaking wet!

We had time to dry off a bit before we got back to our cars. Being black I don’t show the dirt quite as much as Jack – he has a lovely white bib, which wasn’t quite so white any more!!

A very tired and mucky Jack 🙂

What a great walk date, I hope we can do it again really soon.


~ by Teagan on March 3, 2012.

9 Responses to “A walk with Jack”

  1. Such a pretty walk Teagan, I woudl have loved to have been there sniffing out those pheasants, I mean, flowers! Jack looks tired but happy!

  2. I enjoyed that walk! Great pictures. The weird wood monster is awesome!

  3. Jack and I loved your visit yesterday- It was such fun showing you both the weird and the wonderful things in the woods. Teagan really does love the deep mud pack puddles just like Jack. She is a great friend to have ;0)x

    Some of those old tree trunks are very spooky looking. I think the photos are brilliant. One walks by them once or twice a week, but they look so different on film — yeugh

    Teagan is as pretty as ever, isn’t she. Jack is looking forward to his feather and paw and nail and ear trim on Monday.

    See you both very soon again , we hope.

    love from

    True_Belle and Jack BNimble xxx

  4. Another great walk Teagan, and with such a handsome companion! 🙂

    I loved the weird wood monster, I think I might have wanted to bark at it…

  5. A very pretty walk with those daffs Teagan 🙂 I think your monster looks like a roaring lion!

  6. You are just like me n Lola: I stick by the humans and Lola go zoomin off and come back all pantin and tired. She cover twice as a many miles as I do on any walk.

  7. What a nice woods walk with Jack. I really liked the tree stumps that look like monsters and other things. Looks like some really good smells and the very best a pond at the end to play in. Jack seems like he is a very busy Spaniel. Looked like a good day 🙂

  8. Looks like you had a great walk, those tree stumps are so cool!

  9. What an adventure! That ‘wood monster’ is quite unique. : )

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