The boys are back in town..

Well, they’re back in the field by Dairy House. To be honest I’m not even sure they’re the same boys as last year, but I don’t think we want to ask about that… even though I’m partial to a bit of beef, or the odd ear, or (shhhhh don’t tell them this) a bit of pizzle, because I might find that last years boys have gone to meet the butcher. They did act as if they knew us though, so I’d like to think that each year we have the same boys back again.

It's the boys!!

They were quite excited to see us and came rushing over.

Run run run

It was a good job the gate was closed.


Though even if it had been open I don’t know if they’d have managed to get through.

My name is Colin

They all came right up to the gate

Pleeeeease, I just want to give you a little kiss

They have really big noses and absolutely enormous tongues! Mum let one lick her hand but I wasn’t going to get anywhere near them! I reckon they could have gobbled me up.

Keeping a safe distance

Yes, that’s me, that little black speck… I was doing a few mad zoomies and did a big zoomie when one of them stomped his feet.

My name is Cafe Latte aka 601253

601253 was very handsome indeed… he was a lovely kind of mocha brown. They all wanted their photos taken.

My name is Bruce

Bruce had very nice sticky up hair and very nice fluffy ears.

Tickle my ears?

They were all very handsome it was difficult to talk to them all at once.

Talk to me, talk to me

Some were more pushy than others!

Please come in the field with us?

They really wanted us to go through into the field with them.. but I was a little unsure of them, so mum said we would stay on our side of the gate.

Keeping my distance

I did go up to the gate to see them but they were quite noisy and I didn’t fancy being licked by one of them.

We'll move away from the gate?

Even when they moved away I still didn’t want to go in the field. The footpath goes across their field but when they’re in it we just walk up the hedge in the other field and join the footpath up the hill.  If you’re walking up this way we’d recommend you do that too.

[vimeo 40231848]

I hope you liked meeting my friends the bullocks. I left them eating the grass and went to play with my hoopy.

Hoopy time!!


~ by Teagan on April 12, 2012.

6 Responses to “The boys are back in town..”

  1. Aren’t Cows adorable! That takes nothing away from my favourite Spangle of course.

    • Oh cat, I’m so pleased to hear that I’m your favourite spangle. I shall have a lovely day doing spangle things now… in fact I’m off right this minute to say hello to the boys again.

  2. My goodness they were a bit tooooooo friendly weren’t they! I think me and Mum would have not gone through and onto the footpath too! Cute when they are on the other side of the gate! BOL

  3. Wow, you were brave being that close to them. I definitely stay on my side of the fence when I meet cows!

  4. I like the pictures of the stampede and the close ups of noses! 🙂

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