Night Caching

A new cache was published just over a week ago. It was a mystery cache and the description was written in morse code. It was only 2.8 miles away from home so we decided that we would do it as soon as we could. After spending hours and hours deciphering the morse code to find out what we had to do (okay, maybe it just took five minutes to cut and paste the code into an online translator, but that doesn’t sound half as interesting) we knew that we had to be at a designated spot at precisely 9 pm and have a torch to signal with. 

After a quick check of the location in daylight, we set out from home at 8.30 pm on Sunday and by the time we’d walked up to the spot we had almost 10 minutes to spare.

The view from the designated spot

The wiggly lights are because mum didn’t hold the camera completely still while she took the picture… I think perhaps we should use a tripod for night time pictures. Anyway, we did the signalling, received the missing coordinates by flashlight and then we were off to find the cache. It was quite easy to find but there wasn’t a pen in the container and we didn’t have one with us… honestly, you just can’t get the staff. They didn’t even have some of my special “Teagan found it” stickers. So, we just looked, put it back, and headed off home again. Which was kind of good really as we could go back to sign the cache and follow the same route in daylight and take some proper photos – well, a whole bunch of photos of the darkness aren’t exactly very exciting are they?

A wiggly path through the wheat

Today I was really eager to get going, I knew the route and couldn’t wait to get there! It’s a very neatly cut path through the field, it’s a bit wiggly, we think the farmer must have had a beer first or been texting on his phone.

We're heading for the line of trees

It was lovely and warm, nice blue sky and sunshine, just over 12 degrees, but we could see a big grey weather front in the distance.

Nearly there!

We’re not going to post pictures of the actual spot we had to stand in and tell you the direction and signals we had to make because a local geocacher might be reading this.

The cache container

We found the cache again but this time we were prepared with stickers and a pen so we could sign the log. Job done! As it was such a lovely day we continued our walk on over the brow of the hill through the field of rapeseed.

Another neatly cut path

Once we started going down the other side of the hill we could see all the houses in the village.

Milborne St Andrew

We spent ages last night wondering where the Human Man had been doing his signalling with his mega torch! I forgot to mention that he had a really massive flashlight that was impossible to miss. We only had a little 9 LED torch that mum had to hold over her head when she flashed it. We figured the rapeseed had grown quite a few inches in the last week so we wanted to make sure he could see us!!

Another view of the village

We walked on down to the fence at the top of the horse field. This is a route that we’d decided not to try walking in the dark… it wasn’t at all dog friendly and we didn’t fancy bumping into horses in the dark.

Not a very nice stile into the horse field

Anyway, at that point we turned round and walked back up the hill to retrace our steps.

On our way back towards the row of trees

And then it was all down hill back to the car that was parked just at the entrance to the farm.

A really cool sign!

The sign is made of what looks like bits of farm equipment. But it also looks a bit like a basketball net too.

So, that was the daylight version of our night caching expedition!

Newsflash: We have great news… Human Man only has a small torch!! And here it is!!

Almost identical to ours!!


~ by Teagan on April 16, 2012.

11 Responses to “Night Caching”

  1. That was quite the expedition! And Teagan, your mum takes beautiful pictures, day or night! Breathtaking!

  2. Wow, that looks like so much fun!

  3. Adventure and a photo journey all wrapped together. Sounds awesome!

  4. I’m glad you explained the wiggly lights – I thought it was aliens 🙂 Beautiful countryside Teagan. Your mom does take great photos!

  5. when I read the title “night caching” I thought you did one that required you to do it at night. 🙂 I’ve done those. Have to bring a flashlight and follow the shiny objects on the trees. he, he.

    • Yes it was a different sort of night caching, still exciting though. We’ve not done one of the proper night caches yet. We’re quite rural so it would be a bit scary going out to strange places in the dark…. might meet the bogey man.

  6. My word, you should write a song about Night Caches- bat spotting , light flashes oh ho. You do have alot of fun together, and Chief spotter Miss Teagan is a very worthy look out.

    Night vision goggles for all of you , like the pilots wear
    may be a good idea- you can buy anything from China nowadays! xx

    Have fun

  7. What an exciting outing, and you got to go back and see what it looked like in the day-time too! Very envious 🙂

  8. I still haven’t convinced Dad to cache and there aren’t any close enough for the dogs and I to walk to so I don’t think I would try a night one. I’m really glad you got to go back during the day so I could see all the beautiful scenery. I’m glad all the crops are growing again they make it look so pretty. I especially like the views into the village 🙂

  9. You is very clever to be goin out at night like that my pal. I love walkin at night but i do get over excited barkin at fings in the bushes

  10. Excellent werk T. I love goin out to see fings in the dark but I do get over-excited and bark at everyfing in the bushes.

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