The Green Cross Code

Now, my mum’s a little bit ancient and she was telling me about this thing they used to call the “Green Cross Code” back when she was a little girl at school. Whenever we cross a road now I usually have to sit and wait but she thinks I should learn how to do cross safely. So, I’ve been practising my “Green Cross Code”.

We did one of our usual walks this morning and got to the spot where we have to go from the field and onto the bridle path. No cars around and, thanks to a fallen tree, no horses either… so a good place to practise. So, pay attention. Here goes.

Step 1: Check out where you're going

Step 2 : Look Right

Step 3 : Look Left

Step 4 : Look Right Again

And if all is clear…

Step 5 : Cross the Road

Don’t run, just go carefully and keep looking and listening as you cross… you shouldn’t really jump either, but I was crossing a fence and had to jump to get over it. See? It’s easy once you know how.

Just to finish off quickly, here is the rest of that particular walk… starting off with the bridle path, which is lovely and green at the moment. It may be a bridle path but the horses do make a mess of them with their galumphing great feet.

Great spot for sniffing out pheasants

At the end of the track we did our Green Cross Code again to cross the road and then walked all the way down to Anderson and took the lane up through the farm, past the church.

The Church at Anderson

You may remember seeing that from one of my earlier posts when we did a geocache here.  There was a skip full of lots of interesting looking rusty metal items.

All a bit heavy to put in a pocket

Then we went through the field, past one of my Munzees, and along past the farm buildings where they do lots of noisy metal work.

We have to walk through the wheat

And then we go into the sheep field which is quite full at the moment with all the mums and their big lambs.

Lots of sheep

The big fields near Abbots Court have been seeded now and it won’t be long before they are full of poppies! We like fields of poppies, they’re almost as nice as the yellow rapeseed fields. There are going to be a lot of poppies this year.

This will soon be a sea of pink

A big aeroplane came flying over us, he was really close to the ground. It’s just left of center under the branch sticking up on the left and above the brown tree.

Can you see how low it is?

We went across the dog field and there was a man installing a brand new water trough.

A shiny new water trough!

I wonder if it’s just for us or whether they’re going to put sheep in here. Gosh I do hope not, it’s just a field for dogs to walk in, we don’t want horses or sheep in it.

A field for people who do short dog walks

The footpath goes right across the middle. And in the middle is an old stone water trough which is 100 times better than the new galvanised ones. A couple of weeks ago they dug big holes around the old water trough… and now we know why. Perhaps they’re cutting the water supply off, or maybe they just needed to do maintenance.

Big holes around the old trough

Well, after all that exertion and brain work learning my Green Cross Code, it was time for bed. Mummy and daddy’s bed… I like to warm up mum’s side for her.

Aghhh not the flash, I'm sleeping

I hope you will all make sure you do your Green Cross Code whenever you cross the road!


~ by Teagan on April 20, 2012.

15 Responses to “The Green Cross Code”

  1. I remember the Green Cross Code, but I was a dyed in the wool member of the Tufty Club which I suppose makes me even older than ancient!

  2. Brilliant explanation of the GCC – well done Teagan.

  3. Tall person remembers the “Green Cross Code” but has to be careful now he lives in Georgia where they drive on the right. So he has had to adjust the code to “look left, look right, look left again”. It’s a difficult adjustment to make as the “Green Cross Code” was so successfully imprinted in his mind! As always, your photos are wonderful Teagan! You have some lovely wide open spaces to ramble in.

  4. Fanks for them informayshuns T. I ave made notes and will be lettin Lola kno wot to do when we are out walkin this weekend.

  5. Aren’t you clever to be able to do that Green Cross Code thing (all that looking left and right) – well done!

  6. Excellent … brings back memories.

  7. Cute dog.

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  10. Oh the green green grass of England

  11. Reblogged this on michellegilstrap and commented:
    Enjoy this cute blog post from a dog’s prospective. You will enjoy it.

  12. It’s pretty endearing when you have such a close relationship with your pooch like that. I have cats myself, so they come to me when they need me not so much as being around you because they want the comfort and affection. Cheers – R

    • Thank you for visiting my bloggy. There were cats in the house when I first arrived and hopefully, in the not too distant future, there were be kittens or cats again! I’m hoping they will be nice snuggly ones that don’t mind me!

  13. Very pretty walk today, I love the Church at Anderson and the sheep field we have never been close to sheep to see them. We do the Code too, but ours is backward sometimes we even look each way twice just to be sure 🙂

  14. Gorgeous!!!!

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