Today I am Four!

Today it has mostly been raining, but it’s my birthday so I didn’t mind. I had snuggles in bed with mummy and daddy this morning and then we got up and had breakfast. I opened my cards and then we didn’t go out for a walk because it was raining too much.

My birthday cards and my "I'm Four" badge

I also had a nice card from my twitter friend Annie Bella and her sis Maisie.

Card from Annie

Oh my, that was small wasn’t it! Oh well, small and very perfectly formed.

In he afternoon dad took me up to the woods at Clenston for a walk. It rained quite a lot and we both got very wet! Mummy was clever and had stayed at home in the dry. After we had got home and dried out we went up to the pub for my birthday dinner.

Happy pup at the pub

I was wearing my yellow cupcakes collar and also had my birthday badge on it.

My cupcake collar & my birthday badge

My friend Mooney was in the bar with his daddy.

Mooney and me

This is a better picture of Mooney

I had my dinner at the pub and then I had some roast beef from the carvery. It was super tasty and didn’t last very long at all!

After eating my dinner I was a bit thirsty so I went up to the bar to see if I could get a round in.

Talking to Jan at the bar

Well, I’ve had a very nice day. It would have been better if it hadn’t rained all day long but we’re in a drought so what can we expect. I’m just glad that mum and dad hadn’t organised a surprise party up in the field for me because I don’t think many of my friends would have turned up!!

Time for bed… now that I’m four I need to make sure I get my beauty sleep – mum says I’m getting the odd grey hair on my ears. Shock horror!! I’m only four, I don’t want grey hairs yet!!


~ by Teagan on April 29, 2012.

9 Responses to “Today I am Four!”

  1. Happy birthday, Sweet Teagan!

    Fluffs, Niqqi

  2. Oh Teagan no gray, I’m 5 and I don’t have any although Mom has a few 🙂 Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Teagan, I love going to the pub gald you had a good time.
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  4. We loved your birthday pictures, you were a lucky little girl.

    Don’t worry about grey bits on your ears, you are not a silver surfer yet!

    Jack has a few grey hairs on his shoulder, most peculiar place to have them.

    We know you love your muddy puddles, but the rain and wind are very tiresome!

    Bye bye for now, Jack and Maggie xx

  5. Happy Birthday Teagan! It was very generous of you to buy a round of drinks 🙂

  6. Jeez Teags, I didn’t know! Conkattulations & Happy Furth Burfday pal.
    I hope u had gr8 weekend & the hoomans keep them gifts comin.
    WeK xox

    • Hey, thanks Wallas. It was a good birthday, no party but we had a good day. Hope things down under are good… and the footy! Isn’t it nearly over yet?

  7. Appy burfdee my pal. I ope you enjoyed your noms at the pub. It looked lovely there. Woof

  8. Wow looks like you had a fab birthday. I would have thought you were safe from having to get a round in on your own birthday though?

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