The Drought

There’s a drought on. It may have been raining for days on end but there’s still a drought. On our walk up the field this morning I sniffed for rain and could only sniff sunshine!

No rain in sight!

But there’s no need to worry because after tomorrow’s sunshine we are due to have a rainy Thursday, a dry Friday and then rain at the weekend.  What fun. Anyway, tonight we had to go and pick daddy up from the office because his car has a flat tyre and he has used up his miles driving on it and needs to save them to go to the tyre shop tomorrow morning. We took our usual route through the lanes, cutting through Sturminster Marshall and Cowgrove.

Oooh er... a rather large puddle

We saw the sign saying “Flood” but who believes signs? It’s been a long time since mum & dad lived in the village and she’d forgotten about the flooding. So, we drove on through…

The meadows are all flooded

The fields were all really wet… unfortunately we couldn’t keep stopping to take photographs because there was a car behind us, ha ha.. obviously thought we knew that we could get through the water.

The bridge down at White Mill

It looks like the water is going to pour over the top of the bridge doesn’t it, but it wasn’t that high, just very high.

Another big one

Nice reflections in this puddle don’t you think?

More flooded fields

There were lots of happy birds swimming around on the water.

The parking spot!

I think the parking is only suitable for boats today! Usually there are lots of cars down in that open space… it’s a popular place for walkers and dogs to walk along the river bank, but not today!

The traditional build house

Quite a while ago the two houses that were here had a fire and they were empty for a long time but now they’ve been completely re-built using traditional methods.

Click to make it bigger if you want to read this

At least we were past all the flood water now and almost in Wimborne, on our way to the office.

Does this one look flat to you?

And there was daddy’s car. Only 4 tyres in the entire country and the tyre shop couldn’t get one before tomorrow morning. Hmmm I hope no one else gets a puncture.

Yay!! It's daddy!!!

Well, a bit of daddy, the important bit that was giving me tummy tickles. See I even have a spare bed under his desk for when I go to work with him!

On the way home

Soon we were on our way home, here we are just coming up to the Worlds End.

Mysterious posts have appeared

Now, can you see that post? They’ve appeared all along the A31, every 100 metres… if you know what they are there for and where they’re counting distance from or to, please let us know! Daddy reckons it’s so that people going to the olympics can tell someone exactly where they are when they get lost or break down. If it wasn’t such a busy road they could be pee posts but it’s far too busy for dogs to walk along.


~ by Teagan on May 1, 2012.

7 Responses to “The Drought”

  1. The road looks like a river! the tall person’s parents live in Somerset and told him that it has been raining hard and flooding the meadows.

  2. Wow, those are roads? Oly mackerel……i am glad we live on a hill!! Stay safe and keep swimmin m y pal

  3. Wow soooooo much water…..just think of all the extra swimming opportunities 🙂

  4. what is that yellow orb in the sky? lol. my grandpa used to tell a joke about us living in WA state…”we had quite a dry spell. it happened last tuesday”. yeah, bah, dum, pish. 🙂 but hey, we had to laugh, it was my grandpa, right? hope the water clears up…if it hasn’t already…

  5. You are really getting a lot of rain for a drought Teagan. That will maybe fill some of the places you would love to have a puddle or a small pond. Wow what a drive glad Mom made it!!

  6. I was late spotting this blog Teagan, so I hope the roads have all dried out now. Do you still have a drought?

    • Hello Twiglet. Gosh I shouldn’t think so, today it has rained non stop. But then as soon as the sun comes out the mud dries up really quickly so it might be dry down underground. Hope the sun will come out tomorrow, today was horrible.

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