Sunday Geocaching

Today we went walking in Wareham forest and set out to do two multi-caches. We don’t often go walking in the forest but we like doing geocaches there. The first one we did was called Ware Fort Art Thou – being a multi-cache we had to go to several locations to find information that would help us get the coordinates for the final cache location.

Off on the trail

It was all on good footpaths but after all the rain we’ve had lately there were some great puddles! It’s very popular with cyclists and we saw quite a few of those and some dogs out for a walk too.

Could I get any closer to the ground?

This was a cute little dog we stopped to say hello to but we were busy following our coordinates so couldn’t stop to chat for long.

The next clue must be up by those trees?

Can you see how nice and sandy this part of the path was? I just love sand and whenever I feel it between my pads I just get taken over by the urge to go completely mad and do my ‘bonkers zoomies’.

But we had a cache to find so I only did a short spell of zoomies. Oh look, here we are already at a post. I think this might be one of the clues.

Lots of posts like this along the footpaths

And then we were off again…

Hmmm I wonder which way we go

It was quite hot when the sun was shining so I was glad to find some puddles and streams to cool off in.

Stinky water? Never… it’s lovely

Look what we found, a marker stone with daddy’s initial on it! I don’t think it’s his date of birth though, he’s old but not that old!

The second geocache we did was called Old Ram Boundary Stones and it was another multi-cache with similar clues and yet more stones! The big one on the left has had W.B. carved on it. I wonder what that stands for…


The next clue was one of my favourites because it was right next to some more water.

Lovely water

If you’re thinking of looking at these to get the clues we’ve edited them to take out the vital information! So you don’t have to worry that we’re spoiling all the caching fun.

The final clue

This is one of the cycle track markers, there are lots of posts marking different cycle and walking routes. After this we had the information we needed to work out the coordinates of the actual cache but we’re not going to post a picture of where we found it!  On our way home we stopped off to do just a quick one called Woodlake. We didn’t have to walk very far from the car for this one.

It’s around here somewhere…

So, three geocaches and we discovered one Travel Bug, so a good day… especially as we didn’t get rained on!


~ by Teagan on May 7, 2012.

5 Responses to “Sunday Geocaching”

  1. What a great walk sand for zoomies, and a lot of water to jump in and get cool. Lots of paths to run and 3 geocache sounds like a fun and productive walk. I think I liked the big water best!!

    • They’re great paths, ideal for big dogs.. in fact if Mica and Lexi would probably make the cyclists keep to one side!!

  2. What a good day’s caching, & perfect sand for zoomies! 🙂

    • Yes, 3 geocaches in one day is quite good for us… I think you and Stella do more than us and Bingo does more than any of us!!

  3. Calling it Ware Fort Art Thou is a stroke of genius! 🙂 You are so lucky to have such wonderful countryside.

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