Lambs and Monday Maintenance

Today was bank holiday Monday so daddy didn’t have to go to work today. He did have to do some work at home but at least he was here so we all got to go for a walk together this afternoon. We had to go and re-deploy a munzee that disappeared – some rotten person just ripped it off the post that we’d stapled it onto. There was a little bit of a technical hitch in producing the replacement munzee… the laminating machine ate it!

Inside the laminator

It was very difficult to get all the bits out so if you’re laminating small things, put a piece of paper underneath! Anyway, that’s the boring stuff… we laminated our munzee and set off on our walk. We met the cutest bunch of lambs in a field… there were six of them in the field with a little foal.

Six little lambs!

They were really friendly and came to the gate to talk to us.

This one had a cute black face and ears!

I have two good sides 🙂

And this next one was a lovely colour.

My turn for a close up

In fact he wanted more than a close up, he wanted a kiss!

Just one kiss!

I’ve never had a kiss from a sheep before, I think it was a bit more delicate than a cow’s kiss!

We couldn’t spend all afternoon talking to the sheep, we had a Munzee to perform maintenance on, so we said goodbye to the lambs and off we went.

There are pheasants hiding in here..

And I think there might even be some in this hedge too

I can smell you in there

On the next part of the walk we all got quite wet. I got soaked running in the rape field and mum and dad walked through the long green stuff because it wasn’t as wet as brushing against the rape.

I’m very wet

At the top of this hill is where we had to do our munzee maintenance. This time we placed it a bit more discreetly… and then we set off back home. From the top of the hill we could see our house in the distance.

I can see our house from here!

Our house is just to the right of the white chimney you can just see in front of the big dark pointy tree that’s nearly in the middle.

The barley is getting really tall now…

Yes, that’s me. The little black blob! I’m doing my springing and getting very very wet indeed.

Wet dog

It was a good job we were nearly home…

Hurry up daddy, I’m hungry!!

We were very lucky and didn’t get rained on today, but I did get hosed down so it may as well have rained on me. After a quick towel dry it was time for some tripe and a nice afternoon snooze to dream about today’s adventures.


~ by Teagan on May 8, 2012.

5 Responses to “Lambs and Monday Maintenance”

  1. Them is mitey friendly lambs T. We dussnt ave that sort here. We ave the ones wot run away to the other side of the field.

  2. that’s too bad about the munzee both being ripped off the post and eaten by the laminator! lol. the lambs were cute. 🙂

  3. Teagan very soon we won’t be able to see you in the tall green stuff. The lambs were. So cute, we’ve never been near lambs, can’t imagine what a kiss feels like. Maybe they wouldn’t come over to a very big dog for a kiss. A couple small technical problems but a great walk. Hope you got to flush some pheasants:-)

  4. The sheep were very friendly Teagan. Beautiful view from the top of the hill.

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