Wonderful Wednesday

I know it’s supposed to be ‘Wordless Wednesday’ but we’ve had lots of completely wordless Wednesdays in the past so I don’t feel too bad about writing some words this week.

It was another wet and soggy day today so we haven’t been for any long walks, just a couple of quick runs up in the field. We also went next door to visit Aphrodite and take her some grapes. She was snuggled up in her nest box but came out to see us.

Aphrodite eating her grapes

We spotted some other strange birds lurking in the flowerbeds.

The musical chicks

I hope they don’t keep us up at night with their music.

What’s that? You’re wondering when you’re going to find out what was wonderful about today. Well, I’m just getting to that… we went out in the car to go to Nurturing by Nature in Upton!

Nurturing by Nature

What a fabulous place, I love it. There are lovely boxes on the floor full of delicious treats like pigs ears, pizzle and hooves.

I’ll have 10 penny chews please

Can you see the size of those pizzles?? There are just so many delicious things that I wouldn’t know where to start if I got locked in there on my own! Hmmm I might dream about that tonight.

Unfortunately we weren’t there to buy chewing treats, we were there to buy proper food for my dinners… so mum filled a basket with some chicken & lamb tripe, chicken & offal, chicken & oily fish, chicken & venison and some plain lean beef tripe. I’m also trying some of their blixed fruit and vegetables.

I’ll use my gold amex card to pay

I even managed to wander off when mum wasn’t paying attention… and snuck out through a door to try and see where they do all the mincing & packing!

It’s mine, all mine…

When we got hone it all had to be put away into my drawer in the freezer, but not until I’d booked it all in & checked the packing.

I didn’t think the day could get much better but a while later on the doorbell rang and who should it be but our twitter friend @true_belle and Jack Spaniel! I like Jack, he’s such a handsome chap and always makes himself completely at home when he visits.

Checking out the Orvis throw and the squishiness of the cushions

There was lots to check out in the garden and the best viewing position is from over the back of the sofa.

Is that a blackbird I see?

And then he checked out the other chair

Another comfy chair

But then he decided to check out the beds upstairs as well

Just checking the beds for bounce

We had such a lot of fun going a bit bonkers and running around the house but then it twas time to say goodbye.

Bye bye Jack

I really do like Jack a lot. In fact I like him so much that I gave him  a packet of my Nurturing by Nature minced chicken and lamb tripe to take home and try. I do hope he likes it.

After all that excitement I’m worn out… so I’m off to bed now to dream about what I’d do if I got locked in at Nurturing by Nature on my own.


~ by Teagan on May 9, 2012.

5 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday”

  1. Wonderful mix of pictures and news. I love the musical chicks!

  2. Good morning Teagan, we had a lovely greeting from you and Mummy yesterday afternoon.
    We will be very sad when you move to your new home though.

    Nurturing by Nature in Upton is a must visit next trip!, Jack will be eating your minced tripe and chicken for his tea this afternoon , he will love it.

    I loved the musical garden chicks – Gertrude looks a very special hen ;0).

    The weather will get better soon, then we will have another proper walk.

    True_belle and JackBNimble xx

  3. MMmmm, that shop looks like heaven for your snooter my pal. I dont fink I could be trusted in there wiv all that food at snooter level.

  4. I am getting really hungry reading your post! Looks like a great place you found there to by food and snacks!

  5. Looks fab. Bit like me going to Wizard of Paws here in Glasgow with all sorts of lovely food at my level (ie on the floor in open boxes!!!). Sadly I’m not allowed any of it any more due to my icky tummy which gets upset at the least excuse, so I am very jealous of you!

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