A moving experience…

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet just lately… well, that’s because we’ve been very busy moving house. I didn’t really know what was going on, it was all a bit puzzling watching the house contents being packed into boxes. Then after a sleepover with my pals Maja and Shelby, Auntie Susie took me for a ride in her car and dropped me off at a different house and mummy & daddy were there. We’ve been here ever since and I have to say that it’s absolutely wagtastic!

Surveying my territory

This is just after we moved in and before the grass got cut. Even though I have a huge garden we still went out for a walk… lots of new places to explore and, even better, lots of new friends to meet! Here I am meeting some new friends that live in the house just up the hill from us… it’s Molly and Jessie the pup… and a bit later on we bumped into a neighbour from down the hill with his boxer. I’ve forgotten the boxer’s name but I’m sure we’ll bump into them again soon.

Nice to meet you

Anyway, more about new friends as I meet them, I want to show you some other new things. It was a really hot when we moved so I was really excited to get my birthday present at long last… a new paddling pool from Zooplus!

It’s sooo refreshing

At one side of the house we have a gate. This is it, and that’s me sitting behind it.

Why am I behind bars?

You know what I said about more new friends? Well, here are just a few of the pesky varmints lovely creatures that visit our garden and eat us out of house and home and tease me something rotten spend their time keeping me amused.

Brazen or what…

And here he is again with his friend sitting on the gate.

They’re talking about me… I can tell

And it’s not just the squirrels, there are pheasants too…

Looking out for pheasants

Now that the grass has been cut it’s a bit harder for them to hide! Not that they even bother hiding when they’re tucking into the corn that gets put out for them.

He has 3 wives?

I can see them at the feeding station from behind my lookout position at the gate. I could run all the way round the house to get to them but mum & dad think I haven’t figured that out yet. BOL, I’m just biding my time… I shall let them think they’re safe for now.

They never stop eating…

The same goes for the squirrels.

A whole army of them

And they’re in league with the Jay.

I can tell they’re plotting

They’re pretending to be eating but they’re really whispering and plotting. The Jay may be innocent looking

No crumbs here

But he’s one of the ring leaders and has been sending messages to the other varmints wildlife.

Rabbit trying to look nonchalant

We went into town to do some shopping and I met one of the local town criers – you should have heard him, he was making a right racket. I bet he’s in on the game too.

Well, that’s about all for today… oh, did I tell you we have a little stream? I’m planning on doing an expedition up the stream to see if we can walk right the way up the garden from the bottom to the top. It’s not very big and not very deep but I’m sure it will be great fun. Here is a little sneak peek at one of the most exciting bits… the waterfall.

I wonder if there will be salmon…

Somehow I don’t think so, but a dog can but dream…


~ by Teagan on June 13, 2012.

7 Responses to “A moving experience…”

  1. I am very happy you like your new home Teagan and it looks terrific. You have a very big yard to explore, I think you have probably already done that. New doggy friends already and a lot of cheeky animals ( squirrels, rabbits, pheasants). I sure they don’t realize you are plotting too! And I shan’t forget your new waterfall what a great place:)

  2. Wow Teagan, what can I say- you are a lucky pup- and it is lovely to see Mum has room for all her outdoor bits and pieces.

    What a fabulous play area and how clever of Mum to photograph all the furry /feathered pals.

    We will be visiting you soon I hope, although we have recently been very busy visiting Grandma who is poorly.

    You may have a few eels or bullheads in your stream- that would be exciting(or a sea trout) like we have here coming up stream to spawn!

    We do miss you at TP, see you soon.

    Wags and sniffs from Jack spaniel and Maggie x

  3. The new house and garden are wonderful and I have to say as a Cat I am particularly interested in all of the wildlife in the garden, we have Jays and Red Squirrels here, the Jays fly to high and the Red Squirrels are too timid to do what your visitors do and stay on the ground.

    Oops my mouth is watering and that means it is time to change the subject.

    I hope that you are settling in, moving can be quite a trial and that means that there is plenty of opportunity to exploit your humans. Act lost, even try to find your way back to your old place and platefuls of Tripe will appear constantly as if by magic I promise!


    The Cat

  4. I love your yard – so large and very pretty. Lots of room for running around and lots of critters to chase! 🙂

  5. Wow, what a great garden – you are so lucky…!

  6. Wonderful big garden to play in but OMD do you need me to come round and help you with your trespassers?!

  7. Happy new home Teagan and family 🙂 It all looks great but my oh my aren’t your squirrels persistent?!

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