Join me on my BOAT walk in July!

This Friday we’ll have been in our new house for eight weeks so I figured it was time I took you on some of my new walks with me. I know I’ve taken you on my stream walk but we do go out for proper walks as well, so let’s start with my BOAT walk. I’ve called it my BOAT walk because it’s a walk along a B.O.A.T. which, in case you don’t know, stands for “byway open to all traffic”. It’s also called Emley Lane.

So, if you’re ready, let’s start by walking up the road.

Just a short walk up the road

And before you know it we’re at the footpath sign and now we have to do a big jump up.. be careful of the mud, it’s a bit slippy.

Up we go

And now we’re off the road I can have my lead taken off and then we have to negotiate the first stile with the ‘dog guillotine’, I didn’t like them at first but I trust mum & dad not to drop the door down on me now.

The dog guillotine

Once we’re in the field I go for a run in the long grass to check out the smells.

Can you spot me in the grass?

By the way, that’s not a ghost following me around, it’s a scratch on the camera lens. Dog walking is a hazardous environment for a camera but this one still works just fine, unlike the previous ones, so we just ignore the ghost and the black specks that show up sometimes. Just a bit further on is a nice spot with a very comfy bench.

I could sit here for hours

Over a couple more stiles and then we’re into the last field and another viewpoint. This spot is my favourite because after all the rain we’ve had lately there is a fabulous puddle!

Cooling off

Or if you don’t fancy a dip you can just look at the view.

Nice view

And then we carry on walking along the field boundary until we get to the gate.

Almost at Woodcutts Lane now

We walk around the gate and along the track which runs down to Woodcutts Lane.

That’s Woodcutts Lane

I have to put my lead back on again here because we’re going to walk along the road again.

The cows live in a boggy field

These are rather lovely bullocks because they are all black and I think that black is the best colour in the world.

The view down the hill

It’s a very small wiggly road but we don’t meet many cars here.

Listen out for cars

We have to be careful but we keep our eyes and ears open. I like it when we get to the junction with Emley Lane because I don’t have to be on the lead. Today though, there was something going on…. new gates!

New gateposts and gates!

New gateposts and gates!

Yes, I know that’s not very exciting, but not a lot goes on around here so we get excited about little things! Anyway, where was I… walking down Emley Lane aka the BOAT.


It’s just a farm track that goes between Woodcutts Lane and Hinton Martell.


Here we are a bit further down the lane….


You can see the farm buildings at the bottom of the lane so we’re nearly back to the village.


Here we are and now we’re on the last leg of the walk… but first we have to walk down past the village fountain! Yes, we have a fountain in the centre of the village.


Gosh, I’ve just realised that when my friend Bingo comes to visit we’re going to have to try and keep him out of the water! That should be fun. Anyway, now we just have to walk back up the lane and then we’re home again.


I always like this bit, especially in the summer, because it’s nice and shady and cool.

Edit: Yes, it does look quite summery doesn’t it – it was July but it’s now almost Christmas and the typist hadn’t published this post. So, instead of finding pictures of a cold, windy, muddy walk I thought it would be nice to just hop back in time a few months and bring you a bit of summer.


~ by Teagan on December 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Join me on my BOAT walk in July!”

  1. Wuffs Teagan . What a lovely reminder of the short summery weather we all had. Jack is especially fond of warm muddy puddles and long country hedgerows. Well done Mum for our Teagan type virtual stroll. Whatever you do, don’t go near Adders copse/wood which is near to you all!!!!

    Happy Christmas to all

    Maggie and Jack spaniel

  2. I don’t mind seeing a nice summer’s day in December! It looks like a terrific walk, especially with muddy puddles 🙂

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