Snow, snow, snow…

Well, the weather people got it right – we got snow!! Lots of it and it’s absolutely fantabulous. It was so exciting looking out of the window first thing this morning and seeing lots of pure white pristine snow… just waiting for someone like me to run around and make paw tracks in it and, of course, to make some of it yellow!

Perfect Snow

Perfect Snow

Doesn’t that make you want to put on your snow togs and go running round in it? Well, that’s what it made me want to do, so after daddy had helped me into my Ruffwear Climate Changer Fleece Jacket that mum got for me last winter from Muddy Paws I was off outside to do some bonkers zoomies. There were a lot of critters hiding under all the snow so I had to do a lot of digging too. And then daddy threw the ball for me, luckily it was purple so I could see it but sometimes it was very hard to find.

Dig, dig, dig... it's here somewhere

Dig, dig, dig… it’s here somewhere

Here’s a little video of me doing some zoomies and sort of playing fetch, there was actually more of the running around than the fetching bit.

We had lots of fun doing our usual patrol around the garden – some people were walking up the lane so I had to sit by the fence and check them out.


I’m watching you

Here I am about to do a mad dash across the bridge.


And then we checked out the wild side on the other side of the stream. There were even more things to sniff and investigate – I think all the bunnies and pheasants and moles and mice were all snugggled up in their hiding places because I didn’t find anything to chase.

Such a lot of places to check

Such a lot of places to check

It was just so exciting I could hardly control myself, I just kept running here, there and everywhere!



We went through the little gate in the fence and walked up the field to see what we could see.


It was snowing quite a lot so we couldn’t see very well but the village looked very pretty down through the trees.

Hinton Martell

Looking towards the village

And we could also see our house, or at least we could see the garage, the house was hidden behind all the snowy trees.


It was really fun walking up the field.

We’d been out for quite a while and by now my legs were covered in quite a lot of snowballs.


We got back to the little gate in the fence and went back into the garden.


It was far too early to go back indoors though so we walked up the lane to say hello to Mr Mally the horse.

Hello up there!

Hello up there!

He didn’t want to walk down the hill to see us so we walked up the road and along the top of the hill to the bench at the viewpoint.


It didn’t look as if anyone had been sitting on it today, I wonder why! We passed some people out walking and some children with plastic things to slide down the hills and then we were back at the footpath that goes down into Hinton Martell.


The fountain was still doing its fountain stuff, spraying water, but the water underneath was all frozen.


The Church looked very pretty too.


This was my first ever walk without a lead! Usually mummy or daddy have got one in their pocket but today they didn’t! A couple of cars did go past us but I’m very good now and I just sit down and wait for them to go by.


Not many cars on the road today but the tractor has been up the hill with the snow plough so it’s not too deep.

Almost home

Almost home

By now I was really looking forward to a nice big fat stick of tripe, I’d worked up quite an appetite, but first I had to pose on the wall.


I’m such a patient pup, I sat there for ages freezing my paws off.

Ah well, if you’re feeling chilly after seeing all the snow, hop back and take a look at my last post that was a walk back in July when it was lovely and warm and sunny!


~ by Teagan on January 18, 2013.

11 Responses to “Snow, snow, snow…”

  1. So happy you got some nice snow. We love to romp in the snow. We still have snow but are in need of a fresh load of it. Enjoy it and I hope it sticks around for a while although it looks to be quite wet from the pics.

    • The snow was still all here today but the paths we dug are now all clear. It still looks good so I’m hoping I’ll have another day of it tomorrow.

  2. Looks like you had LOADS of fun in the snow. The photos are beautiful. And I particularly like your sweater. The colour suites you 🙂

    • Thank you – it’s my fav sweater, I have two other fleece jumpers in red and black. A girl needs choices when it comes to clothes!!

  3. So glad you got your snow and a very beautiful snow it was. Looking out to the untouched garden was spectacular . Mica and Lexie (specially Mica) would be out there bouncing at you every time you came around . She would love to run and Roll in the snow, not to mention seeing how much she could eat;)
    I kept trying so hard to send you snow, I glad you got a bunch. Snow, long walk, zoomies and home for tripe. How much better can a day be. Now just to sleep 🙂

    • Thank you for the snow! It’s just the right amount – the big roads near us were okay today, the lanes were a bit slushy though. I just love running and jumping in it and burying my head to have a good snuffle around. It looks like it’s going to stick around for another day or so… yippee!! When we walk down by the stream I pretend that I’m at your creek, wish Mica and Lexie could come bounce in our snow!

  4. Thank you for sharing your wonderful snow pictures and congratulations on your first ever walk without a lead!

    • Apologies, I’ve been so busy I didn’t notice your comment that got put in the spam! I’m always off the lead but this was the first time I’ve been out when I could walk all the way, even on the roads, without one!! Fun, huh!!

  5. That is proper snow Teagan! What a lovely time you had 🙂

  6. Wow, fan-dabby-dozy! What a lot of lovely snow. You’re a very lucky dog. We haven’t had any snow here yet 😦

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