The Devil Cat Moves In

Woofs fail me. What have they done?

This scrap of a thing has got me scared woofless. She’s called Pickle, is about 4 months old and arrived this afternoon at about half past three. That moment in time will be forever in my memory, well, until about next week maybe.

WARNING! WARNING! Scary photo alert.

Dogs of a nervous disposition close your eyes now.


Isn’t that just the scariest thing you ever did see? Look at those hackles and that huge tail!!  Mum and dad have been trying to get us to make friends but whenever she gets too close to me I panic and hide behind dad.


Here was our first attempt at saying hello.

We’re kind of calling a truce for now… meanwhile she’s been checking out the kitchen. Can you believe that she WALKS ON THE COUNTERS? Well, to be honest, she runs, very fast indeed. Would I be allowed to do that? I don’t think so.


Nosy isn’t she. And you know what? She’s even been checking out the birds outside…. and they’re mine, all mine.


I think she should stick to checking out exciting stuff like the bread bin


And up above the bread bin – I have absolutely no idea what’s up there! Does anyone really care? It’s a weird cat.


She found the milk jug interesting but didn’t like the contents.


And the sink didn’t seem to be very appealing either.


Hmmm all these kitchen gadgets, I’m sure I could come up with a dastardly plan…


Ah… the Kenwood… perhaps next time mum’s making a cake I could accidentally push her into the bowl?


Or perhaps I could knock the iron on her… flat cat anyone?


Or I could tip the chair over…

This was another attempt at saying hello…

Actually, I’d really like to make friends with her so perhaps I’ll give it another go tomorrow. After all, how evil can one tiny little kitten be?

Quick reminder needed?


That evil. Wish me luck and send me garlic cloves and holy water.

~ by Teagan on January 20, 2013.

6 Responses to “The Devil Cat Moves In”

  1. OMD! Good luck with your new kitty! Those cats get away with everything it seems and we just get in trouble for everything. If you don’t chase her she may warm up to you in a few days as they are so curious. She is a pretty kitty I must say. Have fun but watch out for those sharp claws she has!

  2. Oh dear, Teagan! I have been subjected to three kitties in my lifetime & those torties & calicos are the worst!! We had one & me & the other two cats were scared of her & she ruled the house with an iron paw… They’re very good at fooling the humans by being all cute & purry, but watch out! Our vet even told mom that torties & calicos tend to have flamboyant personalities & usually have very long lifespans….

    Oh, & I’ve caught them eating my kibble, too!

    In Sympathy,
    Lucy the Lab

  3. She looks more scared of you, to be honest, Teagan! I’ve noticed when I get too close to a cat, their hackles go up and their tail fluffs up. I think you’re quite lucky, actually, cos I would love to meet a cat and be friends.

  4. Whoa! That is one scary looking cat. My thoughts are with you Tegan 😉

  5. You’ll be good friends 🙂

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