I’m F I V E !!!

It’s my birthday today! I opened my morning presents upstairs on mum & dad’s bed – there were some cards, one from my granny, one from my bestest pals that lived next door at our old house and one from my twitter pal JazzyDaCat.


Jazzy gave me a great Orbee ball that I can play with in the dark and a super soft shaggy pink piggy that squeaks!


On my morning walk I saw my friend Tilly the boxer and I also saw Big Bird!!


I don’t know if its supposed to be Big Bird but that’s what we call it – what do you think? If you want a closer look try clicking on the photo and it should get bigger.

After my walk I had a bit of a snooze and so did Pickle the Cat – she’s so small she can stretch out on the window sill in the sunshine.


I just realised that I really should have let ‘IT’ have a blog post to update on the ‘progress’ in our relationship. We’re pretty much best buddies now but we haven’t gone as far as sleeping right up close. I reckon that could be a bit dangerous – she’s likely to stab me with her claws in the night if I start snoring! Anyway, she’s only a cat and this is my blog so I’ll not worry about it.

At lunchtime daddy came home for lunch and brought me another present and a card from my pals Maja and Shelby! Of course Pickle wanted to get stuck in and help me with taking off the crinkly pink paper but I told her to go away.


There were two little parcels – one was a gorgeous matching collar and lead from Salt Dog Studios – it’s made of hemp and is a really pretty lavender which looks perfect against my black fur.


Doesn’t that look great?  I do love new clothes and haven’t had a new collar for absolutely ages. Even Pickle was looking a bit jealous of my new outfit.


The second parcel was even better because it was a Pup Cake! Yes, even though I love new clothes, food always gets a big paws up.


I ate half of it straight away and then a bit later on I managed to snaffle the other half when mum was trying to take a photo of me sniffing it. As if I wasn’t going to try and nom it.


Anyway, I can thoroughly recommend the Pup Cake that was hand made by Alpha & Ruby’s Dog Bakery and only contains healthy stuff good enough for humans. It was nice and solid with some scrummy icing on the top. I did a lot of chewing and then had to clear up lots of crumbs off the floor.

After lunch I went for a walk at Whitesheet – didn’t meet anyone to walk with, but we did bump into the tall leggy dog that looks like me, well, except she’s a lot taller and has great long legs! I went swimming in some stinky water and was wearing my new collar… ooops!!


I thought that was enough excitement for one day but when we got home we had a little rest and then went out in the garden and I helped mum cut the grass. Dad came home and did some grass cutting too – and I did a little bit of digging.


Can you tell I’ve been digging?

I’ve had a lovely day and tonight I think I’m going to take my new pink squeaky piggy to bed with me. Perhaps I’d better ask mum to wash my nose for me first though.


A huge thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes – I think I’m going to like being five.



~ by Teagan on April 29, 2013.

13 Responses to “I’m F I V E !!!”

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Teagan !!! Sure looks like you
    had a great birthday. I love your new collar and leash and your new pink pig. Sending you lots of hugs and love.

  2. We are so glad you had a great birthday! We wished you on Twitter and Facebook probably lunchtime there. Walk, swim, presents, Pup Cake. Today was Dad’s Birthday and Mom took him out. Happy Birthday!!!

    • A good day for birthdays! Happy birthday to John from all of us here. Yep, a busy day just to make sure I had a lovely time. Mind you, most of my days are good 🙂

  3. Thrilled that you had such a happy day, Teagie, with lots of pressies, cards, noms and, bestest of all, LOVE! Love you. XXX

  4. Ahhh, what a sweetie, you have had some pretty b/day cards. I hope you sniff your mummy’s letters today, I can see that Jack’s card to you might be late. Snail post in these Purbecky parts! Little surprise pressie for you when we catch up soon. Woofs from us all.


  5. Happy, happy barkday to you! Looks like you had a great celebration!

  6. What a great birthday! I’ve saved you post so I can show @heatheralex how to celebrate my next one 🙂

  7. What a brilliant birthday you had Teagan! 🙂 We especially like the colour of that new colour and lead, I hope stinky stuff washes off it though! Stella is expecting wrapped presents and proper cards now!

  8. Happy birthday Teagan! Looks like you got some super cool treats and had a brilliant outdoor adventure. I’ll be five this year. I hope my day is as wonderful as yours. Lots of love – SADIE x

  9. A be-lates birthday cuddle! 🙂 looks like you had a great day. 🙂 xx

    Big cuddles,
    Kate @ katescuddles.blogspot.com

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