Summer Sun and Friends

Today was a lovely day. The sun was shining and the sky was blue so we set off for a walk.. down the hill into the village.


At the bottom of the hill is the church. There were some good smells just by the gate.


There are some very pretty houses in Hinton Martell.


This thatched cottage is having a new thatch put on – it looks like the thatchers have almost finished.


There’s a fountain in the middle of the village but this morning it wasn’t working.


This cottage is called Old Timbers and it’s for sale.


Now we’re down at Emley Lane. I stopped for a while by this old tractor that’s got a poorly wheel. I don’t think it’s going to be going anywhere very fast until it gets its missing wheel put back.


Emley Lane has fields on either side and at the moment the fields are mostly yellow.


Well, except this one that has big piles of fertiliser stacked up ready to be spread on the fields. Last week when we did this walk we found a Kenco Coffee sign in the hedge – it says fresh coffee served here. We thought it was funny then, so we blipped it,  but it looked even funnier propped up on the big pile of poo. There was definitely no sign of anyone serving any coffee!l


From this spot, you can see where we’ll be walking soon – right on the horizon. The footpath runs along on the other side of the hedge.


Meanwhile, we have to continue walking down Emley Lane..


Until we get to Woodcutts Lane. We have to walk all the way down and then up to the top of the hill where the trees are.


At the top of the hill we turn off down this farm track – it’s lovely and cool in the shade, I stop to have a sniff where something has left it’s scent behind.


Just before we go into the field there’s an absolutely ginormous oak tree. It’s definitely several hugs round and has a rope ladder attached to one of the branches so you can climb up into it.


Here I am back in a field, we’re on the footpath right at the top of the hill that we could see from the bottom of the hill.


The farmer has cut a footpath along the side of the field – it makes it much nicer to walk on and easier to see who’s coming along the footpath. Who’s that? Oh my goodness, it looks like my pals William and Freddie!


It is! We have an enthusiastic hello and a quick catch up on the latest news.


We like to have a run around together. I haven’t seen them for ages because I’ve been going for walks somewhere else because of the bird scarers, but ‘paws crossed’ they’ve stopped now so we can do walks near home again. They turned round and walked back with us as they weren’t doing a circular walk today.


We stopped to say hello to the horses too. I went into the field and got told off for walking behind its back legs. Ooops, mum says they have big metal shoes on and might kick me by accident.


The good thing about there being a lot of horses in the fields is that they always have nice fresh supplies of water – so I can get a drink, or on a day like today I can have a quick paddle to cool off – it was nice and refreshing.


We’re almost at the end of our walk now but we stop for a while just to look down towards the village, it’s all looking very pretty.


Well, here we are, back at the stile just before we get back to the road. We all sit and wait for our mums to go over the stile and let us through the dog gate.


What a great walk, in fact it was so good I think we might do the same one all over again tomorrow!


~ by Teagan on June 4, 2013.

7 Responses to “Summer Sun and Friends”

  1. Brings back puppy hood memories since I was born in England and in Germany I lived in a thatched roof house. What a lovely place for a walk!

  2. Absolutely beautiful village and surrounding countryside – you are so lucky!

    • Yes I know I am very lucky. But you are lucky too, living in such an interesting place with so many weird and wonderful things like disappearing buildings, kiwis in your kitchen and strange buildings.

  3. What a lovely place you live in, Teagan! You have such great walks too….

    • Hey thanks for visiting Twiglet! It’s great now the big bangs have stopped, it’s okay going somewhere else for walks but it’s good to just walk from home. No trig points right near home though but not far to get to the one at Holt Heath. Wags & wiggles, Teagan x

  4. What a pretty village & a lovely blog post. Those fields of yellow make me sneeze though! Glad the naughty noisy bird scarers stopped too 🙂

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