Chelsea Dogs : Part 1 – The Edibles

A while ago the lovely Theodore from Chelsea Dogs left a comment on my blog. Anyway, as one does, especially when one is a nosy sniffer dog, I trotted over to the Chelsea Dogs Luxury Dog Boutique to have a mosey round. What can I say? I was in collar heaven and that was just the first page. There were beautiful beds, toys, home accessories, doggy treats, dog bowls, poo bags and much much more!

Theodore is Chief Tester at Chelsea Dogs and you can imagine how he’s rushed off his paws, so I agreed to help with a little bit of product testing – next thing I knew there was a knock on the door and it was the postman delivering me a purple parcel – and what a wonderful parcel it was.


Anyway, you know how I love parcels, well, don’t we all? After getting my tummy rubs from the postman I got down to work… first job… open the parcel.

By the way, on the matter of wrapping, the wrapping of parcels matters a lot, especially if you’re buying a present for a friend and having it sent direct. Everything was purple – the items were beautifully wrapped in purple tissue paper and tied with some very pretty ribbon. Okay, I know that probably won’t impress the boys, but us girls will certainly appreciate it!

So, after sniffing each one in turn I then got down to the job of unwrapping the one I thought contained something I could eat.

So much for pretty purple tissue paper but when all’s woofed and done, it’s the contents that matter. I’d chosen the right parcel to open so my next job was to start tasting. It was going to be tough but I knew I was up to the job.

Lily's Power Flowers

Lily’s Kitchen :  Power Flowers

Power Flowers from Lily’s Kitchen – everything from Lily’s Kitchen comes in such pretty packaging but, again, it’s the contents that matter, so I wasted no time in doing the taste test. They are flower shaped traditionally baked treats made with liver, blackstrap molasses and fresh carrots as well as sunflower seeds, turmeric, alfalfa, nettles and rosehips –  good wholesome organic ingredients that are really good for you. That’s all pretty boring technical stuff that a dog doesn’t want to know so just take my woof for it… besides, they have liver in them. Don’t all dogs love liver?

I can manage a whole one

I can manage a whole one

Mmm nom nom, totally delicious. I had to eat about four just to make sure the taste buds were warmed up. The biscuits are nice and crunchy but still easy to break into smaller pieces to be used as training treats. Just don’t leave the pieces on the counter….

The cat's eating them too!!

The cat’s eating them too!!

So, be warned. Keep them well out of reach of the cat and that goes for the second edible treats that I tried. These were the Hungry Hector’s ‘Stargazy Surprise’ – wonderful fishy delights that come in two sealed airtight packs so you can open one and keep the other one sealed up for later.

Hungry Hector 'Stargazy Surprise'

Hungry Hector ‘Stargazy Surprise’

Once you’ve opened them they need keeping in the fridge to keep them fresh but luckily you do have to eat them within a few days. That’s good because who wants to have treats that you don’t have to eat as soon as possible? It also means that they’re not full of nasty preservatives.

I’d had Hungry Hector’s treats before but hadn’t tried the Stargazy fishy ones – once again they got the paw of approval from me. Very tasty indeed – only one bad point, I’m afraid that they also got the paw of approval from the CAT. Being a fairly soft bake they’re very easy to break into pieces which leads to the inevitable crumbs… I’d like to say that they made her ill and she never asked for another piece, but they didn’t. She came back for more, but I’m a caring, sharing kind of dog so I don’t mind. Really, I don’t. Well, not much.

Can't she tell they're DOG treats?

Can’t she tell they’re DOG treats?

The third edible in a parcel was a STAGbar. These are real bits of antlers that have been shed by real deer and unlike my usual tripe sticks they’re clean and very low odour, they also only have a tiny bit of fat in them so even dieting doggies can eat them! I’m not a dog that gets on well with big bones, they make me very anxious, but the STAGbars are a nice chewable size and are good for hours of chewing – great for teething puppies too, I wish I’d had them when I was getting my teeth through.


At last, something that the cat can’t get her paws on! Mind you, I wasn’t taking any chances so I took it off out into the garden for a nice peaceful chew with no cameras being pointed at me.

So, while I’m out in the garden with my teeth around my STAGbar why don’t you go have a look HERE at all the terrifically tasty treats or maybe the fantabulous treat jars to keep them in! If you’re feeling sleepy you could always dream about relaxing on one of these totally gorgeous dog beds.


~ by Teagan on July 18, 2013.

5 Responses to “Chelsea Dogs : Part 1 – The Edibles”

  1. Oh Teagan you lucky thing, they are some of Stella’s favourite treats too! She’s got pretty bored with her Stagbar but we still love Lily’s Kitchen (especially their bedtime biscuits) and Hungry Hector. Delicious; no wonder that parcel got a big paws up, especially being so lovely & purple! 🙂

  2. Wow Teagan, you lucky dog! I’d like to volunteer for that kind of job *wag*

  3. Teagan , I think that Jack would love a job as a super taster also.

    He sampled a little nibble of my marinaded herring from the Waitrose deli counter, and licked his lips!!!! Where did you buy your dried sprat treats from?
    What a lucky dirl you are x

    • I get my dried sprats from Nurturing by Nature, where I buy my tripe. The fishy Hungry Hector treats are good though but not quite the same as eating plain dried fishies.

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